What can Oracle AI services do for you?

Key capabilities of Oracle AI Services


Superior data security and ownership

In contrast to other generative AI models, Oracle AI services offer total control to users without mixing customer data to provide true data ownership. Unrivaled data security allows a competitive advantage.


Powerful and high-performing models

The collaboration of Oracle with Cohere brings the best of both. Updated LLMs from Cohere and expert-level industry knowledge and data insights from Oracle deliver a powerful model that can be further enhanced for specific use cases.


Embedded AI services

Oracle’s pursuit to empower organizations to leverage generative AI services makes them include AI within existing business processes. Oracle is all set to embed generative AI throughout its cloud applications including ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX. These AI services will help to increase employees' contribution to value-adding stages of the project like ideation and creative processes.


Convenient use

AI’s capabilities combined with on-premises data and applications will enable customers to leverage all the advantages of their tech stack. With such convenience, they can also scale solutions on demand for various business requirements.

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Seamless AI implementation

Implementing AI can be challenging

Some common challenges faced with AI are:
  • Limited time and need to optimize resource usage- Implementing AI in your systems should happen swiftly and you need to leverage existing skillsets because it takes time.
  • Management of AI models- You require quality data and technologies to manage AI/ ML models.
  • Non-scalable infrastructure- AI applications need to have a good cost-to-performance benefit.
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Overcome challenges faced while implementing AI

Oracle’s strong contribution towards AI technology brings reliable solutions

With Oracle AI services, you can leverage technology to drive productivity.


Oracle’s commitment to innovation- Innovating technologies with Java, MySQL, GraalVM, and much more.


2 Decades of anomaly detection- Oracle has been involved with MSET2+, an algorithm for anomaly detection and prediction for 20+ years now. This expertise facilitated several crucial stages of high-value projects.


Minimal Database management- Machine learning aids autonomous database.

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AI-infused digital infrastructure

Leverage Oracle AI Services to drive productivity

Streamlined Processes, Enhanced Productivity

Astute Business Solutions has deep industry and technology expertise in providing OCI services. Our team of Oracle Cloud engineers and experts have helped a variety of clients plan an AI roadmap as well as implement it on-premise. Leverage our real-world implementation experience, our deep Oracle Cloud relationships with product engineering and product strategy, and our commitment to quality and customer success.

The Astute team will design and implement your AI roadmap, whether it is a big-bang project or a phased approach. We minimize risk via detailed planning, testing, validation, security hardening, and knowledge transfer. Change and Risk Management is not an afterthought, rather it's fully baked into our methodology.

Proven methodology and real-world experience to help you succeed
Deep and broad Oracle Cloud partnership to bring the best resources to your project
Been there done that- solid references across industries and market segments
Customer centricity- our unwavering commitment to your success

Plan, implement, and Update

The goal of Astute’s OCI Generative AI service is to help you focus on value-added projects and to drive productivity and efficiency with security, performance, and optimal operation of your digital infrastructure.

Astute Business Solutions has been a certified Oracle Cloud Service Provider (CSP or MSP) since 2018. Our agility and flexibility allow us to deliver packaged services or pivot to a tailored, nuanced offering that suits your needs. Our support goal is to meet you where you are today, help you stabilize and optimize, and tailor or service to grow or shrink as your business needs evolve.

Why Choose Astute?

Oracle generative AI with Astute is an incredibly versatile and powerful service, offering key differentiators that set it apart from other system integrators. Firstly, OCI has addressed the end-to-end needs of enterprise customers who want consistent and scalable solutions. Secondly, it is tailored to your data, which makes it a more personalized solution for your business according to your unique business requirements. Moreover, it offers state-of-the-art security and complete ownership to its customers which doesn’t allow the mixing of customer data unlike other service providers. Lastly, Astute’s team of engineers provides thorough technical support to develop an AI roadmap and implement the solutions depending on the unique business requirement. To conclude, Astute’s OCI generative AI service will provide you with a developed and customized AI-infused infrastructure that increases your efficiency and productivity.


Considering AI?

Why choose OCI’s AI services


AI has witnessed huge growth and success in every business today. 92% of large companies report ROI on their data and AI investments. It has improved the efficiency of many businesses considerably. Businesses have witnessed the following outcomes from AI:

  • Enhanced customer experience:
    Automated customer support and generating personalized recommendations have helped businesses solve queries faster.
  • Better decision-making:
    Accurate analytics and predictive modeling aid faster and more accurate decision-making processes.
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency:
    Automate redundant tasks and streamline processes which leads to a decrease in costs and improved efficiency.
  • Build new products and services
    Predictive modeling helps businesses build new products and services easily.


Infusing your on-premise infrastructure with the capabilities of AI leads to a variety of technological benefits.

  • Improved productivity:
    By automating redundant tasks, AI leads to improved productivity of your workforce. It allows them more time in creative processes and ideation of products than in manual tasks.
  • Enhanced accuracy:
    AI helps to automate processes and increase working efficiency significantly. It has helped organizations cut down on their operational time and reduce the chances of errors.
  • Secure and complete ownership:
    OCI’s Generative AI is secure and offers complete ownership of data to its customers.
  • Streamlined process:
    AI comes with predictive models that ensure a smoother process.

Streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and scaled revenue

Oracle AI is industry-trained to serve different use cases. Find out what's in it for you.

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Innovate with Oracle AI

The Journey to Advanced Application Innovation

Innovating with Oracle AI becomes much simpler because you will be able to :

Utilize flagship, pre-built AI and ML models
Models are trained on vetted, industry-trained data that is optimized for mission-critical use cases .

Build on AI-optimized infrastructure
Built-in insights that you can leverage into your SaaS applications Oracle Fusion and much more.

Create custom models
Customizable AI models that can be tailored without data science experience. You can save costs while meeting your specific business requirements.


Use Cases

Leveraging Oracle AI: Customer Sucess Stories

Speech AI

Oracle speech AI is an automatic speech-to text service that converts audio based content into text. It uses prebuilt acoustic and language models so that users who don’t have data science experience can also use language models. It can analyze data from audio and video files and are built for integration to extend the capabilities of your existing applications.

SoundHound develops a smart solution with Oracle AI

SoundHound has developed a smart ordering service through AI that helps restaurants take voice orders from customers through voice. It can learn a restaurant’s menu, provide answers, modify order and upsell, enabling restaurants enhance the efficiency and speed at which they operate.

Application Innovation

Oracle AI drives application innovation by scaling up for high performance without high compute costs. It is a highly scalable solution that is also cost-effective due to its consumption based pricing model. Oracle AI take all other AI applications a notch higher than just being able to read and write text and images, it also executes actions , fetched and analyzes data.

Adept builds an AI coworker with Oracle AI

Adept is a machine learning research and product lab that has built a capable AI teammate with the help of Oracle AI and NVIDIA GPUs. This innovation extends the capabilities of applications and their power to cosnistently innovate and leverage new technology.

Anomaly Detection

Get the intelligence required to predict and prevent business vulnerabilities by identifying the signs that lead to danger. With Oracle AI, you can predict and automatically detect and prevent critical issues. OCI’s AI delivers the intelligence required to fix gaps in your security system before it’s too late.

Maplesoft identifies anomalies within 0.2 seconds with Oracle AI

Maplesoft is a software solutions provider for modeling and calculation solutions. Through a strategic partnership with OCI, the company has been able to replace certain outdated processes and significantly reduce the anomaly detection time. They have also been able to collect real-time data from a wide range of machine sensors and sources.

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