Laureate Education improves Ellucian Banner Self-Service performance by migrating to Oracle Cloud

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  • The Challenges
  • The Solution
  • Desired Results


High TCO, Resource Constraints

Laureate University was facing performance challenges with its on-premise Ellucian Banner Self Service applications and was looking for a way to:

  • Improve performance without investing in on-premise hardware

  • Scale computing power to meet peak demand 

  • Implement a solution with granular cost controls

  • Leverage automation to deploy and maintain compute capacity


Aging Infrastructure, Poor Performance, Inability to Scale

Laureate Education realized that its on-premise hardware and software solutions were no longer sufficient to handle its growing needs and tight budgets making the expansion impractical. Most urgently, the student-facing technologies were within the critical path and were impacted directly by hardware challenges. 

  • Systemic performance issues impacting Ellucian Banner Self Service applications

  • Lack of a Disaster Recovery Solution for mission-critical applications

  • Aging data center infrastructure experiencing system failures

  • Custom code added to the on-premise performance challenges



Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

After extensive analysis, Laureate University chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Exadata Cloud Service to meet the performance and scalability needs of its Ellucian Banner application.  

  • Oracle Validated Solution Architecture

  • CPU Scaling, Automatic Storage Management, Advanced Security

  • Dramatically improved performance for database workloads


Ellucian Banner SSB Lift and Shift to OCI Exadata Cloud Service 

Laureate Education chose Astute Business Solutions as its strategic partner to Lift and Shift its Ellucian Banner Self Service applications from its on-premise data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Exadata Cloud Service. Astute collaborated with Laureate and Oracle teams to execute a rapid 4-week implementation and successful migration of Banner SSB to OCI. The solution included the following key elements:

  • Cloud Architecture and Implementation Plan

  • Fixed-Fee Fixed-Time Migration Projects aligned with Laureate's  Academic Calendar
  • Performance Testing and Validation of Exadata solution for Ellucian Banner

  • Spend control management to throttle Exadata capacity when not needed



Improved Performance, Security and Scaling 

After migrating Ellucian Banner Self Service to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Laureate University has realized business benefits across a number of categories. 

  • Over 70% Performance Improvement
  • Improved Security and Storage Management
  • Automated scaling


Eliminated Data Center Dependency, Access to On-Demand Services

By taking its first steps to get out of the data center business, Laureate Education was able to solve a critical business problem with its Ellucian Banner applications and provide a timely solution to students and faculty and deliver uninterrupted services. 

  • Migrated successfully from aging on-premise hardware to Exadata Cloud Service

  • Implemented a Hybrid Cloud solution with secure connectivity to on-premise applications

  • Provided uninterrupted Ellucian Banner Self Service applications to students and faculty

  • Focused workforce on value-added projects instead of dealing with hardware challenges


Getting Out Of The Data Center Business,

To Focus on Improving Student Services Powered by the Oracle Cloud


Reduced TCO


Better Performance


Faster Deployment


SLA Compliance

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