Fully Managed Disaster Recovery on Oracle Cloud for $20K

Ensure Business Continuity with a fully automated, SLA-based, Disaster Recovery solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Astute's 20/20 Vision Offer. 

This offer provides you with the peace of mind you deserve by protecting your mission-critical IT infrastructure and applications against ransomware attacks, on-premise outages, and natural disasters. 

The 20/20 Vision Offer for Disaster Recovery covers all Oracle applications, technologies, and Non-Oracle workloads. With this offer you'll receive: 

  • A Virtual Disaster Recovery Cloud Workshop to help you build your solution and business case justification

  • Oracle Cloud Architecture tailored to your needs

  • Set up, configure, and secure your new Cloud tenancy on OCI

  • Migrate 1 Oracle App/DB Disaster Recovery workload to OCI

  • 1-year Managed Disaster Recovery As a Service plan for that workload

  • Fixed Fee of $20,000 USD including Oracle Cloud Tenancy, One-time DR migration to OCI, and Managed Service

  • 2 week DR Migration Plan

  • Setup automated DR testing and monitoring

20/20 Vision Offer Form