A Comprehensive Suite of Oracle AI Services

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    Most organizations are leveraging AI's revolution for enhanced business outcomes already. There is a high chance you have already seen and used AI as a business driver.

    Here are five of the most common AI technologies in use :

    1. Digital assistant-
      Use of natural language processing and understanding to derive meaningful actions to be taken from conversations.
      Digital assistants understand business-specific vocabulary and that enables employees and customers to communicate with applications using voice commands.
    2. Speech recognition systems
      They create precise and real-time transcripts from conversations to textual data to analyze with AI services.
      Multilingual speech recognition with instant translation is now possible with generative AI reducing the language barrier in providing quality services.
    3. Language Services
      AI can help to detect and translate languages in written text and automatically recognize specific types of content including details of people such as names, locations, products, and organizations.

      They can even analyze the mood or the tone of the text and automatically categorize it for further activities.
    4. Vision recognition
      Generative AI can drive analytics applications and extract textual or visual information from images. AI tools enhance the accessibility of images by metadata tags, descriptions, and many more elements. Doing so can help with increasing access to the websites. Moreover, vision recognition has a wide variety of applications such as automatic quality control.
    5. Document understanding
      Generative AI can automatically extract text from many digital or scanned files. This technology can enhance the efficiency of teams in logistical processes. It reduces the possibility of human error in this highly cumbersome task prone to faults.

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    What sets Oracle AI apart?

    Representing the commitment to move ahead in the pace of technology to keep up with trends and continue to assist customers with value-driven technology, Oracle AI has taken a long stride with the collaboration of Cohere to launch Oracle’s Generative AI services.

    Oracle claims that the Oracle AI infrastructure allows ultra low latencies for standalone graphics processing units (GPUs) and clusters with thousands of nodes.

    Integrating AI with on-premise systems has many business drivers for organizations. For example, developers can integrate prebuilt models into applications and operations with the help of AI. Marketers can extract more meaningful and actionable insights to personalize the marketing campaigns and much more.

    There are some key bridges to technology that Oracle identified when it came to AI technology.

    1. First was that AI models were not very well suited for organizations that are looking forward to scaling up as they require high-performance infrastructure. Oracle and Cohere identified this as an opportunity and designed a model for enterprises.
    2. Second was that even with advanced technology, it is cumbersome to switch between applications to get the result. Embedded generative AI services let you get the output you desire from systems you are familiar with.
    3. Third was that organizations were concerned about the security and privacy of their data. Oracle Generative AI does not share your data with LLM providers or any other customers.
    4. Lastly, it was important to provide predictable performance and pricing to support enterprise-level customers fully.

    Oracle AI Services

    Below are some Oracle AI services that have been launched:

    1. Oracle Digital Assistant:
      Craft a better customer experience through a virtual assistant through text, chat, and voice interface.
    2. OCI language:
      Perform text analysis and scale it to cater to a variety of industries.
    3. OCI Speech:
      Automate the transcription of audio conversations into textual data across multiple languages.
    4. OCI Vision:
      Generative AI helps organizations understand documents, and other types of content such as photographs and videos.
    5. OCI Document Understanding:
      If you want to take an extended range of actions with AI on your documents like extracting text, tables, and other key data, use OCI Document Understanding.

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