How does Oracle transform the logistics and retail industry?

Technological advancement has become an important element in the progress of the logistics and retail industry. Oracle stands out as the transformative force among the multiple innovations and technologies that have reshaped these industries. It offers different solutions and expertise to resolve problems related to database management.

In this blog, we will discover the journey of companies in the logistics and retail sector. And how Oracle has helped streamline the process of database management and improve efficiency.

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APL Logistics Ltd. (APLL) is a Japanese freight forwarding and transportation company owned by Kintetsu World Express, Inc. (KWE). It is a global supply chain specialist with a primary focus on order management and runs the business in 60+ countries. It serves the automotive, consumer, industrial, and retail markets.

APLL wanted to accelerate digitization to ensure business continuity during the pandemic. Also, they were looking for different solutions to utilize and store the large amount of data while offering the new technologies to their customers.

Why Do They Choose Oracle?

APLL picked Oracle to recreate the user experience of a legacy application for online quotation. The application helps to calculate customer quotes for logistic and transportation requests. The information was maintained by a manual approach and dependent on the vendor, leading to fewer self-service functionalities for rate administrators and prospective customers.

As a result, they needed a flexible, secure, and highly available platform that could transform the whole user experience, which includes maintenance of infrastructure and integration, rate administration, and quote generation.

How did Oracle help?

OCI helped APLL to run its application by improving its performance and providing autonomous services. It eliminated the worries related to underlying infrastructure or database management and enabled their engineers to work more efficiently on business transformation. Here are the OCI services APLL has used.

  • Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP):

    It is a completely automated database service that processes transactional, analytical, and batch workloads simultaneously. It is pre-configured for row format, indexes, and data caching to accelerate performance while providing scalability, availability, transparent security, and real-time operational analytics.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) IaaS:

    It is a cloud computing service model that can host computing resources in public, private, or hybrid clouds. It can be used to transfer all use of on-premises or collocated data center infrastructure to the cloud.

  • Oracle Integration Cloud:

    With OCI integration services, businesses can connect any application and data sources to automate end-to-end processes and centralize management. It simplifies migration to the cloud while streamlining hybrid and multi-cloud operations through several integrations, pre-built adapters, and low-code customization. Oracle Integration Cloud is used for the integration of OGC applications with Salesforce for lead generation.

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Bata India is the largest footwear manufacturer and retailer, with a broad network of 1,375 stores. Its old in-house warehouse management system needed more accuracy and wished to fulfill the growing need for increasing inventory. They require a more connected digital supply network with POS integration and warehouse management for more flexibility, visibility, and transparency.

They also require dynamic warehouse functionalities to fulfill lead time demands, effectively execute everyday operations, and manage more complex warehouse processes and functions.

Why Do They Choose Oracle?

Bata India examined several on-premises solutions and recognized that cloud-based environments will increase availability, improve accuracy, and enhance customer satisfaction. That’s why Bata India selected Oracle to improve its warehouse operations.

They realized Oracle's commitment to helping its customers embrace new opportunities and increase asset use. Bata India chose Oracle Warehouse Management (part of the Oracle Cloud SCM suite of applications).

How did Oracle help?

Here are the results that Bata India has achieved with the successful implementation of Oracle Warehouse Management.

  • It has greatly improved the productivity and accuracy of warehouse operations. It has increased stock availability by 17%, shoe inventory at retail stores by 51%, and inventory accuracy by 99.9%.
  • With Oracle Warehouse Management, Bata India has minimized labor costs and optimized space utilization. At the same time, management gets real-time visibility of warehouse activity, worker locations, and performance metrics.
  • It has increased labor productivity by 2x, from 400-500 pairs of shoes/day to 1000 pairs of shoes per person per day.
  • Plus, it offered productivity tools and real-time process monitoring features to enhance the customer experience.
  • Bata India got the maximum benefits of the Oracle Cloud, like scalability, cost-effectiveness, and security.
  • It eliminated the need for software and hardware updates and offered the latest releases, automatic updates, and automated security and compliance.

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