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    PeopleSoft is Dead, Long Live PeopleSoft

    A candid discussion with Oracle PeopleSoft experts Vishram Patwardhan and Craig Mikus on how customers can continue to maximize returns on PeopleSoft investments while preparing for a SaaS future.

    Join Astute and Oracle for a round-table type discussion on the longevity of PeopleSoft and why moving to the cloud makes the most sense from a long-term perspective. During this informative session, we'll chat about:

    • Oracle investments in PeopleSoft
    • Why PeopleSoft runs best on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    • The future of SaaS
    • How you can maximize the return on your investments by migrating to Oracle Cloud

    DATE: May 18, 2021
    TIME: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT

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    What You Can Expect from this Round Table Discussion

    Hear from the Experts

    Since 2016, our team has helped over 30 organizations migrate PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, more than any other Oracle partner. You’ll learn about what's next with PeopleSoft and how you can leverage Oracle Cloud to decrease your TCO and optimize performance. 

    Interact with New Peers

    In this discussion, you'll have the opportunity to gain perspective from new peers and the challenges others are facing with the complexity and longevity of their PeopleSoft environment.

    Inspiring Case Studies

    We will show you various industry case studies that will not only inspire you but will provide you with real-world facts on why cloud and how businesses like yours can benefit from making the move to the cloud. 


    vish 2
    Vishram Patwardhan
    Strategy and Business Development


    craig mikus
    Craig Mikus
    Senior Director 


    Arvind Rajan

    Astute Business Solutions

    What Our Clients have said about migrating to OCI

    University of Santiago

    University of Santiago, Chile

    Francisco Acuña Castillo, Asistentes Universidad de Santiago de Chile

    “By working with Astute, who has built our managed solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the university is saving $1 million annually compared with competing solutions that we explored. We also benefit from their joint expertise with PeopleSoft and the latest public cloud infrastructure.”

    Gallaudet University

    Gallaudet University

    Daryl Frelich, Director of Enterprise Information Systems

    “Working with Astute Business Solutions has been critical to the success of Gallaudet University’s migration to Oracle Cloud. We chose Astute because of its OCI migration experience, ability to meet aggressive timelines, testing applications, and the overall cost savings of the project. At the end of the day, I wanted to be able to go home at night and not worry about upgrades, migrations, or a reliable disaster recovery plan. By having Astute as a trusted advisor and Managed Service Provider we’ve been able to focus more of our time and resources on our core mission.”



    Scott Doyle, VP of IT Compliant Solutions

    “While SDI has always had a very secure ERP and database environment, Oracle Cloud infrastructure has some additional features that allow us to take that security to a higher level."


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    This will be an interactive and engaging discussion. We want you to leave informed, take what you've learned, and be able to implement it when making future decisions about your current PeopleSoft environment. Space is limited. Register today to save a seat!