Located in New Mexico against the Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque blends ancient Pueblo history with modern culture. Famous for its International Balloon Fiesta and rich Pueblo-Spanish architecture, the city is also celebrated for its unique culinary delights, especially the New Mexico green chile. A dynamic mix of tradition and innovation, Albuquerque beckons exploration.


The Challenge


The City of Albuquerque encountered pressing IT challenges, emphasizing the need for a swift and strategic intervention:

  • High Staff Turnover: The frequent change in personnel hampered continuity and efficiency.
  • Resource Constraints: A limited team was left to manage intricate systems, stretching their capabilities thin.
  • Aging Infrastructure: Their Oracle Database Appliance was nearing the end of its support lifecycle, posing potential risks.
  • Database Inefficiencies: Oracle Databases had yet to be optimized, affecting performance.
  • Urgent Hardware Transition: The imperative to migrate from the outdated hardware was on a tight deadline.

These challenges underscored the city's need for a robust solution, positioning Astute Business Solutions as a potential game-changer.


Why Use Astute?

When contemplating the transition of Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Astute Business Solutions emerges as the gold standard. With a proven track record of orchestrating seamless migrations, Astute offers unparalleled expertise, ensuring optimal performance and security in the cloud. Their adeptness in leveraging advanced tools like OCI's Golden Gate Cloud Service guarantees near-zero downtime, preserving business continuity. Moreover, their holistic approach—spanning databases, middle-tiers, and applications—ensures a harmonious, end-to-end transition. For those seeking a smooth, efficient, and successful ODA to OCI migration, Astute Business Solutions is the evident choice, turning technological challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth.


The Solution

This forward-thinking solution not only remedied the city's immediate concerns but also positioned them for a more resilient and agile technological future.

    To effectively address the technology challenges, The City of Albuquerque, in collaboration with Astute Business Solutions, charted a transformative course:

    Decommissioning On-Premises Systems: The aging on-premises Oracle Database Appliance was strategically decommissioned.
    Cloud Migration: Oracle Databases, previously hosted on the ODA, were seamlessly transitioned to the Oracle Database Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, leveraging its scalability and performance.
    Application Relocation: Critical applications utilizing Oracle databases were relocated from on-premises servers to native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure virtual machines. This move ensured enhanced stability and efficiency.
    Timely Execution: The migration was meticulously executed within 9 months, eliminating the need for extended support costs and aligning with the city's fiscal objectives.

    Results Delivered

    Astute Business Solutions played a pivotal role in orchestrating a seamless transition for The City of Albuquerque's IT infrastructure. Here's how they made a marked difference:

    • Holistic Cloud Architecture: Astute's expertise was instrumental in architecting the entire cloud migration and application relocation, ensuring the new environment was optimized for performance and security.
    • Timely Project Execution: By adhering to a strict 9-month timeline, Astute showcased its commitment and efficiency. Their proactive approach ensured that the City's technological transformation was not just on time but also within budget.
    • Advanced Synchronization with Golden Gate: Utilizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's (OCI) Golden Gate Cloud Service, Astute ensured near-zero downtime. This strategy allowed for continuous synchronization of databases, ensuring business continuity and minimizing operational disruptions.
    • Multifaceted Team Expertise: The Astute team was a blend of versatile talents, skilled in handling the intricacies of the database, middle-tiers, and applications. This comprehensive know-how was pivotal in ensuring a successful go-live on OCI.

    By aligning their innovative solutions with the City's unique challenges, Astute Business Solutions didn't just deliver a project; they fostered a brighter, more agile technological future for The City of Albuquerque.

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