Fairview Health Transforms Peoplesoft Testing With Fastest

Fairview Health Transforms Peoplesoft Testing With Fastest

Headquartered in Minneapolis the customer’s broad continuum includes academic and community hospitals, primary and specialty care clinics, senior and long-term care facilities, retail and specialty pharmacies.


The Challenge


Testing Overheads and Cost

Fairview Health was running on an outdated version and needed to get current with PeopleSoft PUM Images and PeopleTools.

  • Limited test coverage due to resource and time constraints
  • Challenges with test accuracy and reliability of results
  • Overhead of managing manual testing effort in Excel and Word
  • Cross-module testing was lacking

Lagging Behind On Application Updates and PeopleTools Versions

Fairview Health had a library of manual tests that it maintained, but they found that maintaining and managing each project to be challenging. Test management processes were also manual, resulting in additional overheads to PeopleSoft projects.

  • Testing Management Overhead – Tracking and reporting was a major overhead
  • Impact on PUM Planning – Testing overhead impacting rate of PUM adoption.
  • Lacking a central repository for test scripts with version control
  • Manul test tracking and defect tracking process

The Solution

FasTest, Test Framework

Astute implemented FasTest, an Oracle Validated Integration Solution and PeopleSoft Test Framework for Fariview Heath's FSCM 9.2 and HCM 9.2 applications.

FasTest Test Automation Tool with Dashboards, Defect Manager and Process Sequencer
PeopleSoft Test Framework with a FasTest pre-built test library
Centralized PTF instance for storing all Tests, Shell Tests, Test Cases, and Test Logs

JumpStart Implementation for PTF with FasTest

Astute conducted an assessment to determine Fairview Health's current state and to define the scope for test automation. As part of that process, we set up detailed demonstrations of FasTest and PTF, including customer-specific scenarios to assure that this solution would meet or exceed their needs.

Developed Test Scenarios in the PeopleSoft Test Framework for all in-scope end-to-end business processes
Implemented FasTest Test Automation for enhanced test automation and Test Management Capabilities
Provided training on PeopleSoft Test Framework & FasTest
Developed Test Maintenance Strategy

Results Delivered


Fewer Bugs, Higher Quality

With PeopleSoft Test Framework and Fastest automation tools, Fairview Health is able to speed up Selective Adoption projects.

  • FasTest Automation Tools to optimize Test Management
  • Impact analysis and test maintenance tools using PTF and PeopleSoft Update Manager dashboard
  • Reduced Time to Deploy new PUM features


Increased Speed of PeopleSoft Selective Adoption Service

Applying Get Current PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Image updates and PeopleTools Upgrades is much easier now for Fairview Health with PTF and FasTest based automated testing.

  • FasTest Implementation with PeopleTools 8.55
  • 40 Test Shells with over 200 PTF Tests built using Test Framework
  • Multiple cycles of functional regression testing, defect tracking and progress reporting on FasTest
  • Up to 50% lesser time for unit, system and user acceptance tests using

Doing the right thing, at the right time.


Lower Cost (or TCO)


Increased Coverage


Test Accuracy


Easier Maintenance


It's Easy to Get Current and Stay Current in PeopleSoft with FasTest for PeopleSoft Test Framework

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What's new in PeopleSoft Test Framework in PeopleTools 8.58?

PeopleSoft continues to invest in Test Framework to enhance value and improve automation. Check out the latest features in PeopleTools 8.58 for Test Framework.

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Use FasTest to Accelerate PeopleSoft Test Framework

Fastest is an Oracle Validated Integration solution that accelerates and extends PeopleSoft Test Framework capabilities to help you speed up PUM Update and Tools Upgrade projects

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Get Ahead of the Game with FasTest for PTF

You wouldn't trim your lawn with clippers so why would you test PeopleSoft manually? FasTest, with its pre-built test libraries, Fluid UI dashboards with Test KPIs makes it easy.

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