Gallaudet University Implements Disaster Recovery As-a-service On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Gallaudet University Implements Disaster Recovery As-a-service On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

For more than 150 years, Gallaudet University has lead advances in the education of deaf and hard of hearing students and deaf rights worldwide.


Disaster Recovery as-a-Service


Need for Business Continuity

Provide business continuity and a validated disaster recovery plan to the university amidst unprecedented budget challenges as a result of COVID-19. Need for a cost-effective service, not just a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution as internal resources are scarce. Business expressed that their PeopleSoft infrastructure (HCM, FSCM, CS) are among some of the most important applications in their campus portfolio, and in the event of a disaster, they would be unable to continue operation without the support of the functions provided by this software. At the same time, classical DR solutions have been cost-prohibitive, difficult to maintain, and doubtful as to whether they would truly perform in the event of real need.


A Turn-Key, Tested, as-a-Service Solution

Astute Business Solutions has found an optimal approach to disaster recovery on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for PeopleSoft applications. Our specialized approach depends on the database management system and whether it's Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database. The solution we’ve tuned is built so that customers only run a tiny fraction of hardware on the cloud, really just enough to keep the database and images of your middle tiers synchronized. This unique path saves customers like Gallaudet University hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service deployed on OCI serviced by Astute Business Solutions
  • Full implementation in less than a month including an initial Disaster Recovery Test
  • Critical DR capability provided as part of the organization’s BCP, automated, tested, validated, and ready at any time with industry-standard RTO/RPO, at a fraction of the cost of traditional DR deployment.

Getting Out Of The Data Center Business, To Focus on Improving Student Services Powered by the Oracle Cloud


Reduced TCO


Better Performance


Faster Deployment


SLA Compliance


Be a Cloud Innovator Like Gallaudet University

Group of college students in a computer lab

Customer Testimonial

Watch Earl Parks, CIO of Gallaudet University, and Daryl Frelich, Sr. Director of Technology Services, discuss the benefits of PeopleSoft migration to OCI.

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Get Started with Disaster Recovery on Oracle Cloud for $20k

Astute's 20/20 Vision Offer helps you eliminate financial barriers of moving your ERP and Disaster Recovery Solution to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle’s world-class Disaster Recovery solutions are a well-constructed set of best practices, techniques, and architectures with low complexity levels, and are a long-term assurance of business continuity in the aftermath of a disaster.

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