Montana State University Ellucian Banner SIS to OCI

Montana State University Ellucian Banner SIS to OCI

This project entailed a significant technological transition for Montana State University, shifting its critical Banner Student Information System (SIS) from the traditional Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) to a more modern, efficient Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Base Database as a service. This transition was not just a simple migration of data and applications but represented a strategic move towards embracing cloud technology and its myriad benefits.

Company Description: Montana State University, located in the picturesque city of Bozeman, Montana, is a beacon of academic excellence in the region. It is renowned for its comprehensive educational offerings, catering to a diverse student body of over 14,500. The university's commitment to quality education is evident in its broad spectrum of programs, offering baccalaureate degrees in 60 fields, master's degrees in 45 fields, and doctoral degrees in approximately 20 fields. As a hub of knowledge and research, the university not only focuses on academic growth but also actively contributes to the personal and professional development of its students.


The Challenge


For years, Montana State University had been reliant on Ellucian Banner’s SIS, a cornerstone of its academic and administrative functions. This system, running on Oracle's Database Appliance, had been a bedrock of the university's IT infrastructure. However, with time, it became apparent that this setup had limitations. Tuning the ODAs for optimal performance was increasingly challenging, often leading to inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Moreover, the routine maintenance of these databases became a cumbersome task for the IT team. Adding to the complexity, the looming end-of-support for the ODA hardware necessitated a pivotal decision - whether to invest in new hardware or to explore alternative, more sustainable solutions.


The Solution

    The university's strategic decision to transition to OCI’s Base Database marked a new era in its IT infrastructure management. This shift was not merely a technical upgrade but a transformative move towards leveraging the power of cloud computing. By migrating the Banner SIS applications to OCI, the university not only ensured a more robust and scalable platform but also enhanced its system's security posture with advanced features like web application firewalls. This move also brought in the flexibility of cloud computing, allowing the university to adapt its database licensing needs in real-time, especially during periods of low demand. This adaptability was crucial in optimizing resource utilization and cost efficiency.

    Astute’s Services

    The role of Astute in this transition was pivotal. Their expertise in Cloud Architecture laid the foundation for a smooth transition from the traditional on-premises setup to the cloud. Their comprehensive approach included meticulous planning, seamless migration, and fine-tuning of the database to ensure peak performance post-migration. Astute’s involvement extended beyond just technical migration; it encompassed a holistic approach to cloud integration, ensuring that the university’s staff and students experienced minimal disruption during the transition.

    Results Delivered

    The culmination of this project was a series of significant achievements for Montana State University. The most notable was the optimization of the system to provide just-in-time computing resources, a hallmark of efficient cloud infrastructure. This strategic move enabled the university to retire its aging ODA hardware, marking a significant step in modernizing its technological landscape. Moreover, the successful optimization of the Banner SIS on OCI underscored the university's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance its educational and administrative capabilities.

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