San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) - PeopleSoft and Exadata Move and Improve to OCI

San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) - PeopleSoft and Exadata Move and Improve to OCI

Introduction: Company Overview: The San Diego Community College District stands out as one of the largest in California, serving a diverse student body of approximately 80,000 across its three colleges. Renowned for its comprehensive educational programs, SDCCD plays a pivotal role in shaping the academic and career trajectories of its students.

Project Overview: In an ambitious move to modernize its IT infrastructure, SDCCD embarked on a strategic project to migrate its critical PeopleSoft applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This project was not just a technical migration but a transformational journey, aiming to enhance operational efficiency, bolster security measures, and provide a seamless experience for students and staff.


The Challenge

Business and Operational Challenges:

Business and Operational Challenges:

Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency:
The need to optimize financial resources while ensuring uninterrupted service delivery was paramount. SDCCD sought a solution that would provide long-term cost savings without compromising on the quality of its educational services.

Tight Project Timelines:
Implementing such a large-scale migration within a six-month window posed significant logistical and planning challenges, requiring meticulous coordination among various teams.


Technological Challenges:

Complex Infrastructure Migration:
The project involved transitioning 83 servers to OCI, necessitating a clean install of all applications, web servers, and databases. This required careful planning to avoid data loss and ensure a smooth transition.

Network and Security Optimization:
Building a robust and secure network capable of defending against modern cyber threats, especially ransomware, was critical. The project demanded innovative solutions to secure sensitive student and institutional data.

Seamless migration to OCI with no downtime

Now possible with Astute Business Solutions. We have several successful migrations on our record and are working towards expanding the list!


Project Goals

    Comprehensive Application Migration: Migrating PeopleSoft pillars (FSCM, HCM, CS, IH) to the OCI, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.
    Robust Disaster Recovery Planning: Developing a disaster recovery plan that offered redundancy and reliability at a reasonable cost.
    Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures: Strengthening the network security architecture to safeguard against ransomware and other cyber threats.
    Performance and Scalability: Enhancing the performance and scalability of the system to handle growing student numbers and evolving academic needs.
    Cost Management: Reducing operational expenses while maintaining or improving service quality.
    User Transparency: Ensuring that the migration was seamless and transparent to end users, including students and faculty.

    The Solution

    • Strategic Planning and Design: The project kicked off with an in-depth architectural design phase, where unique requirements, especially for disaster recovery, were meticulously planned and documented.
    • Server and Data Migration: A significant portion of the project involved the migration of 52 production and 28 non-production servers. This included a strategic approach to data transfer using Data Guard and a complete revamp of all the servers setup.
    • Disaster Recovery Implementation: A robust disaster recovery strategy was implemented, emphasizing rapid deployment capabilities and failover processes.
    • Network and Security Overhaul: The network architecture was rebuilt using advanced scripting techniques, and security measures were heightened with the latest Oracle tools and protocols.
    • Training and Support: Ongoing training and support were provided to the SDCCD administrative team to ensure smooth operation and maintenance of the new infrastructure.

    Results and Impact

    • Business Transformation: The migration to OCI marked a significant step in SDCCD’s digital transformation journey, bringing about operational efficiencies, cost savings, and enhanced service delivery.
    • Technical Excellence: The project successfully navigated complex technical challenges, demonstrating remarkable agility and innovation in the face of stringent deadlines.
    • Enhanced User Experience: Students and staff experienced minimal disruption during the migration, thanks to the transparent and user-focused approach adopted by the project team.
    • Continued Partnership and Growth: The successful completion of the project solidified SDCCD's relationship with Oracle and Astute, setting the stage for ongoing support and future collaborations.


    The SDCCD’s migration project to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a testament to the power of strategic planning, technical expertise, and strong partnerships. It stands as a benchmark for educational institutions seeking to embrace cloud technology for operational excellence and enhanced educational delivery.

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