Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA)

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA)

Improves Financial Operations by Implementing PeopleSoft Cash Management


The Challenge


Cash Management

Current business practices to reconcile accounts and provide a daily cash position to the executive management team are time-consuming of some of the organization’s brightest minds. Furthermore, the cash forecast is not inclusive of items that are not seen at the bank. This is a little bit like driving forward while looking in the rearview mirror. The cash management portion of the project intends to address:

  • Reduce manual efforts
  • Strengthen controls for auditing and compliance
  • Streamline financial operations for reconciliation
  • Reduce labor expense

Consolidated Support

The technology group desires to show cost savings by reducing the number of applications for which they are paying maintenance, to provide better support through a dedicated PeopleSoft support team rather than the general IT backbone, and to show greater value for the PeopleSoft solution by utilizing delivered workflow and module integrations.

  • Reduce the number of systems in the application portfolio
  • Provide better service and support to the business
  • Expand utilization of PeopleSoft approval workflow

The Solution

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Cash Management

PeopleSoft Cash Management is an ideal solution for Treasury management, especially for organizations that are already using PeopleSoft financials. For PeopleSoft financials users, the implementation of the cash management module enables a powerful set of tools that staff are already familiar with in order to robustly manage an organization's money.

Reduced implementation effort
Integrates with general ledger
Strong reporting tools
Configurable workflow
Native support for most bank formats

Integration & Single-Use Account Solution

PeopleSoft has the built-in capability to enable electronic payments including, wire transfer, ACH, and EFT payments. The work for this sort of thing largely comes from integration with your banking partners and the configuration of payables and treasury to enable the features. At Seattle Cancer Care Alliance the business requirement is to support wire and ACH, as well as a custom single-use account solution, which is similar to an ePayables solution, but more flexible and secure.

ACH and Wire payments using standard communication methods
BAI files for reconciliation using standard communication methods
Custom work to implement single-use accounts

Results Delivered


Visibility and Savings

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance now has the ability to accurately and completely measure and track their cash position and forecast in their PeopleSoft ERP. Using the latest PeopleSoft features in 9.2 Cash Management they have been able to realize the following benefits:

  • Automated process for determining cash position/forecast labor savings of the finance team
  • Operational efficiency and savings through automation, reducing accounting and finance labor
  • Changes to business processes to streamline the payment process while still maintaining controls
  • Cost savings with paperless payments
  • Cost savings with revised payment terms structure


Unified Solution on a Single Platform

Utilizing delivered PeopleSoft technology, as well as being able to customize the PeopleSoft solution to integrate with a third-party single use account program, SCCA has attained the ability to renegotiate discounts and terms with their suppliers in a way that benefits both parties. The technology solution powered by PeopleSoft has enabled:

  • Automated paperless payment mechanisms (Wire, ACH, and Single-Use Account)
  • Near real-time availability of cash position
  • Secure payment methodologies with strong encryption for file transfers to reduce fraud
  • One team supporting the entire PeopleSoft platform provides continuity between modules
  • Consolidation on the PeopleSoft platform reduces application sprawl

Realizing Business and IT Benefits at the right time.


Cost (or TCO)




Faster Deployment




Learn How You Can Gain the Same Benefits as SCCA

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