Spokane County, Washington PeopleSoft Expenses Implementation

Spokane County, Washington PeopleSoft Expenses Implementation

Project Description: Implementation of PeopleSoft Expenses Module

Company Description: Spokane County, located in the state of Washington, is a dynamic and diverse governmental entity. It provides a wide array of public services such as public safety, health, social services, and transportation to its residents. The county is known for its commitment to efficient service delivery and community engagement. With a focus on leveraging technology to improve operational efficiency and citizen services, Spokane County demonstrates a forward-thinking approach in local governance.


The Challenge


Spokane County faced significant challenges with its existing expenses process. The reliance on a paper-based system had become a major bottleneck, leading to inefficiencies and errors in processing approvals. Ensuring adherence to county policies and procedures was increasingly difficult, and compliance with General Services Administration (GSA) standards for expenses became a growing concern. The paper-dependent process was not only time-consuming but also prone to inaccuracies, hindering the county’s ability to manage its finances effectively.


The Solution

    In response to these challenges, Astute collaborated closely with Spokane County to outline the necessary requirements for the PeopleSoft Expenses Module implementation. A key decision was the customization of the module to automatically load GSA rates. This feature would facilitate the pre-population of travel expenses according to per-diem rates, streamlining the process. Additionally, Astute developed a custom solution enabling users to upload supporting documents directly to the county’s third-party image storage system, thereby enhancing the documentation and verification process.

    Astute’s Services

    Astute’s role in this project was multifaceted and pivotal. The team provided comprehensive project management services to oversee the implementation of the PeopleSoft Expenses Module. This included deploying developers who were tasked with building the necessary customizations to meet the specific needs of Spokane County. Furthermore, Astute's functional experts played a crucial role in configuring the expenses module and the approval processes. Their expertise ensured that the module was tailored to the county’s operational needs and policy requirements.

    Results Delivered

    The results of this collaboration were highly beneficial for Spokane County. The county successfully transitioned to using the PeopleSoft Expenses Module for all its expense reporting needs. One of the notable outcomes was the enhanced compliance with policies, particularly due to the integration of the GSA customization. The auditors benefitted from greater transparency and ease of access to expense evidence, thanks to the image repository customization. Moreover, the IT team at Spokane County received accolades for their innovation and commitment to keeping the PeopleSoft system current and effective, marking a significant step forward in the county’s technological advancement.

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