TriNet's swift Data Center Exit to OCI with Astute

TriNet's swift Data Center Exit to OCI with Astute

TriNet is a professional employer organization (PEO) that provides small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with full-service HR solutions. They offer services such as payroll administration, health benefits, employment law compliance, and risk reduction. TriNet aims to support the growth of SMBs and empower their employees.


The Challenge

TriNet, initially on a cloud migration path with AWS, confronted significant performance and technology obstacles, particularly when transitioning their Oracle Exadata databases. Their interactions at Oracle CloudWorld and the evident cost benefits of moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) over maintaining collocated data centers further solidified their decision to pivot towards OCI.

Key Challenges for TriNet:

  • Performance and technology issues with AWS.
  • Difficulties in migrating Oracle Exadata databases to AWS hardware.
  • OpenStack infrastructure out of support and needing upgrade
  • Challenges with Kubernetes on OpenStack
  • Desire to have a complete infrastructure as code solution

Data Center Exit to OCI with Astute

Organizations considering a data center exit should contemplate Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and partnering with Astute Business Solutions for several compelling reasons:

  • OCI offers a robust and efficient cloud infrastructure, tailored to handle complex migrations and ensure optimal performance. Astute Business Solutions, with its deep understanding of OCI, brings a wealth of real-world migration experience to the table. This expertise is invaluable in helping organizations visualize their end state in the cloud.
  • Astute's approach is customer-centric, prioritizing the unique needs, pain points, and goals of each organization. Their team provides a comprehensive methodology, timeline, and resource plan, ensuring a successful migration that aligns with the organization's desired completion date. This detailed planning and roadmap creation are instrumental in meeting aggressive migration timelines.
  • Furthermore, Astute's reputation as a trusted third-party adds credibility to the migration process. Their role in validating Oracle's solutions, combined with their extensive history of collaborating with Oracle on OCI projects since 2016, makes them a reliable partner. Astute's strong customer references from similar projects further bolster their credentials, helping organizations accelerate their decision-making process.
  • In essence, the combination of OCI's advanced cloud capabilities and Astute's proven expertise offers organizations a streamlined, efficient, and reliable path for their data center exit endeavors.

The Solution

Astute, in partnership with Oracle, devised a comprehensive migration strategy for TriNet, leveraging the robust capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This tailored solution was designed to seamlessly address TriNet's unique challenges and aspirations.
    Transition to OCI's Exadata Cloud Service.
    Migration from OpenStack Kubernetes to Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE).
    Migration from OpenStack virtual machines(VMs) to native OCI compute VMs.
    Migration from VMWare to Oracle VMWare Cloud Service (OCVS).
    Astute's detailed roadmap and plan ensuring a swift and efficient migration.
    Leveraging Astute's extensive real-world OCI migration experience.
    Business case development that clearly showcased the value to TriNet.

    Astute’s Services

    Astute Business Solutions played a pivotal role in ensuring TriNet's successful migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI):

    • Validation of Oracle's Solution: Astute acted as a trusted third-party, lending credibility and expertise to the sales process, thereby validating Oracle's proposed solution.
    • Comprehensive Planning: Astute's team provided a detailed methodology, timeline, and resource plan, ensuring a successful migration to OCI. This plan took into account the necessary level of effort and TriNet's desired completion date.
    • Deep Involvement: Throughout the three-month sales cycle, Astute was deeply engaged, leveraging their extensive real-world OCI migration experience to help TriNet visualize their end state.
    • Detailed Roadmap: Astute built a detailed roadmap and migration plan that aligned with TriNet's aggressive migration timelines.
    • Solid Customer References: Astute offered strong customer references from similar projects they had recently completed, which accelerated TriNet's decision-making process.
    • Proven Collaboration: Oracle selected Astute as their partner for this deal based on Astute's Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) credentials, their history of collaborating with Oracle on OCI since 2016, and their extensive list of reference accounts.

    Results Delivered

    The TriNet project, guided by Astute in collaboration with Oracle, is a hallmark of successful cloud migration. TriNet transitioned from multiple on-premise data centers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in an impressive span of just 9 months. With the combined expertise of Astute and the robust capabilities of Oracle's cloud solutions, TriNet was able to navigate the complexities of the migration process. The move to OCI not only provided operational efficiencies but also showcased the cost and technological advantages of the platform. This endeavor underscores the potential of OCI and highlights the significance of strategic partnerships in ensuring smooth and effective cloud transitions.

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