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    Oracle Cloud and PeopleSoft Innovators


    Wichita Public School lifted and shifted their PeopleSoft HCM system into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

    Wichita Public School recognized as a PeopleSoft Innovator moving their PeopleSoft systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure , for using PeopleSoft to enhance the User Experience for users, and adopting a Selective Adoption strategy.

    Gallaudet University - Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation Award and PeopleSoft Innovator Award Winner

    Gallaudet University, in conjunction with Astute Business Solutions, moved PeopleSoft HCM, ERP and Campus Solutions to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, while streamlining batch reporting performance, using Oracle Management Cloud for advanced systems and application monitoring, using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager to simplify the lifecycle management of all PeopleSoft environments, and projecting a total savings of $600K across all applications.

    CARE.org - PeopleSoft Innovator Award Winner

    CARE, along with their partner Astute Business Solutions, used Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager to plan, deploy, and manage all PeopleSoft instances for their upgrade to Financials and Supply Chain 9.2, at a reduced cost. CARE was also able to increase operational efficiency due to cloud tooling and orchestration, automated deployment and patching through PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, and Database Cloud Service for database deployments, backup, and patching.

    Chaucer Underwriting Services, Ltd. - PeopleSoft Innovator Award Winner

    Chaucer PLC, in conjunction with Astute Business Solutions, moved their existing PeopleSoft Financials system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, to align with their cloud-first policy and to prepare for a strategic initiative to upgrade and modernize their PeopleSoft system with a Fluid user interface deployment, including approvals, expenses, and more.

    Intermountain Healthcare - PeopleSoft Innovator Award Winner

    Intermountain Healthcare is recognized for deploying the Fluid user interface for PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain, with extensive use of Homepages, Tiles, Navigation Collections, and Fluid Workcenters to drive an improved user experience with increased efficiency, fewer clicks, and a more intuitive system that minimized training impacts.

    Strategic Distribution, Inc. - PeopleSoft Move and Improve to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    SDI provides supply chain management services. The Company offers inventory management, site survey, solution presentation, implementation, and on-site management, as well as supply procurement, storeroom, and work order management services. SDI serves customers worldwide.

    Cloud Produces Results

    Each of our Spotlight Customers has realized significant benefits by moving PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud. They've been able to measure and demonstrate improvements in critical areas such as performance, security, monitoring, TCO, and disaster recovery. 

    Moving enterprise applications, databases, middleware and all integrated workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has delivered tangible benefits and results for these customers that we have shone a spotlight on. As you can see, on average, these customers have experienced significant improvements in the major categories that affect daily operations. As a result, they are now able to focus more on enabling the business and are delivering value-added services as opposed to focusing on infrastructure and maintenance. 

    Reduced TCO


    Improved Performance


    Enhanced Security


    Automated Lifecycle Management


    Intelligent Monitoring and Response