Ellucian Banner Flex Support

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Banner Flex Support for When You're in a Jam

Many organizations are able to manage their Banner environments perfectly well. However, sometimes they run into challenges that they haven't seen before and could use a little bit of guidance to get through a rough patch. Banner Flex Support is the perfect solution for seasoned, professional support on an as-needed basis.

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You agree to our Flex-Support statement of work, and pre-purchase an allocation of hours against which your support tickets can be noted. We're then available for you 24x7x365 for severity one issues, and regular business hours for anything else. You can use your flex support entitlement for anything in the PeopleSoft universe, and we'll be happy to jump right in.

Trusted, Expert Advice Through Banner Flex Support

Support Services provided by a global team of Banner experts. These are the premier, A-list support engineers you would expect to work with when stakes are high and challenges are tough.


You can use Banner Flex Services for any of the following:

  • Infrastructure Support/Advisory Services
  • Platform Support/Advisory Services
  • Database Support/Advisory Services
  • Middle-Tier Support/Advisory Services
  • Tuning Services (infrastructure, Platform, Database, Middle-Tier, or Application)
  • Development Services (full life cycle)
  • Integration Services (full life cycle)
  • Application Technical Support/Advisory Services
  • Application Functional Support/Advisory Services
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