Modernize PeopleSoft by Lifting and Shifting to OCI

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Lift and Shift to OCI

The value proposition for the Cloud is clear, it's no longer a matter of if, but when. Astute Business Solutions is the premier Oracle Partner for moving your PeopleSoft applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Lift and Shift to OCI

A Perfect Record

Having completed more than 30 lift and shift or move and improve projects to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we couldn't be more pleased to boast that all of the projects have been successful, and all of the customers are referencable. We would love to help you with your journey to the cloud!

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PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud

With PeopleSoft on the Cloud, you will be right with all of the action and primed to take advantage of the latest and greatest developments from both the PeopleSoft and Oracle Cloud teams. There's never been a better time to experience Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for yourself.


We follow a very standard process that has worked well for dozens of clients.

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Let's talk about PeopleSoft on cloud

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Answers to Your Questions About PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud

We've got this! With more than 30 PeopleSoft to OCI migrations completed, we've seen a lot of different things and are ready to help you!

How long does it take to migrate to the Cloud?

On the short end, we've seen projects of 6 weeks, for larger projects 2 years. Most are done within 6 months.

What versions of PeopleSoft can go to the Oracle Cloud?

All versions of PeopleSoft can run on the Oracle Cloud. The majority of PeopleSoft customers are on version 9.2 but we have experience migrating versions as old as 8.8 to Oracle Cloud. 

Do you support PeopleSoft on SQL Server?

Yep, we're happy to help you with your Microsoft SQL Server database, and it can move to the cloud just fine!

Do you have experience re-platforming from Unix to Linux?

Yes! We've done several large migrations where the source system was Unix and we re-platformed to Oracle Linux or other Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This adds a little bit of complexity to the project, but it's totally worth it.

How much does a PeopleSoft Migration to Oracle Cloud cost?

There are many factors that go into the cost of a migration. Much of the cost depends on the size, complexity, and number of environments that you use. We have t-shirt pricing for migrations starting from $50,000.

Success Comes When We Collaborate With You

Astute Business Solutions has succeeded because of our Customer-Centric Service and the collaboration and support of our valued customers. We thank you for the trust you placed in us as we continue to partner with you on your current and future success. 


Hear Kelly Kleinfelder, CIO of Strategic Distribution Inc. (SDI), discuss her organization's journey to Cloud. SDI chose Astute and Oracle to move PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud.


PeopleSoft on OCI is FAST, PREDICTABLE, and SECURE! Learn how you can SAVE by using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


CARE, a global non-profit, with a footprint in over 100 countries focuses on its core mission of helping the poor and women's rights, by moving its global PeopleSoft application to Oracle Cloud. 

Start Your Cloud Journey with 20/20 Vision      

Start Your Cloud Journey with 20/20 Vision

Astute Business Solutions joined industry leaders to discuss how customers can accelerate business value by taking advantage of Astute's 20/20 Vision Offers for migrating to Oracle Cloud.

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