Analytics Cloud Enablement (ACE)


Webinar Synopsis:

Businesses today can overcome the challenges offered by traditional analytics tools with the help of ACE. 

ACE delivers speedy business insights using a new-age tool that offers extensive ease of use. It helps businesses use real-time data and derive actionable insights from them. Oracle, an industry leader in data analytics, powers ACE. 

Access to valuable insights from your business performance aids in fast results and efficient decision-making. Astute paves the way for you to make the most out of your data. 

ACE adds value to all business owners regardless of the infrastructure they are on today. You might be running OBIEE/ OBIA on-premise, BI/ Analytics in the cloud, or another platform. ACE is a democratized solution that enhances the analysis and performance of all businesses. 

This webinar provides a hands-on demonstration for users to deploy the ACE solution and training. 

  • A detailed analysis of Oracle analytics cloud and Autonomous data warehouse and how together they can add value to your business 
  • Blank canvas syndrome - What challenges businesses face
  • Business challenges of conventional BI 
  • How Astute overcomes the challenges offered by OAC with the ACE Accelerator 
  • Our entire project plan and fee
  • Who needs our services? 
  • Addressing some FAQs 
  • Hands-on experience working on ACE in your OAC implementation

Joe Finlinson is an established PeopleSoft professional with exclusive experience working on IT services and cybersecurity-related projects. Joe keeps customer delight at the heart of his services to ensure businesses enjoy smooth operations. 

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