Astute's Zero Cost PeopleSoft Migration to Oracle Cloud


Webinar Synopsis:

In this webinar, we discuss why you should choose Astute Business Solutions for enhancing the ROI from your PeopleSoft infrastructure. It will help you understand why we are good partners for you for the lift and shift, Oracle cloud management, productions, Oracle analytics cloud, and many more services. 

Oracle cloud infrastructure offers a comprehensive solution for most modern business problems today. Though we understand that all businesses have unique requirements with their digital infrastructure, the path to achieving outstanding results takes us to the migration route to optimize, rebuild, and transform applications. 

In this webinar, we make a detailed case on why you should choose us to help you achieve results. Watching this will help you have a better understanding of the results you can achieve by PeopleSoft to Oracle cloud integration, our detailed approach, timeline, charges, and everything you need to know. 

We cover the following areas in the webinar: 

  • A Brief Introduction to Astute Business Solutions 
  • Why we implement Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Mapping the journey to the cloud- different use cases and needs 
  • What all aspects contribute to migration and a typical timeline 
  • Our role in helping you achieve enhanced security
  • 5 reasons you should take up a managed service
  • Details regarding our Zero cost migration deal- is it legitimate? 
  • What are Astute’s charges for a migration project? 

Joe Finlinson presents this webinar, he is an established PeopleSoft professional with exclusive experience working on IT services and cybersecurity-related projects. Joe keeps customer delight at the heart of his services to ensure businesses enjoy smooth operations.

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