Disaster Recovery as a Service on Oracle Cloud


Webinar Synopsis:

The need for disaster recovery was always towering. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on organizations, it has only increased.

To ensure business continuity, organizations need to ensure that they have a detailed disaster recovery plan set in place. It gives an upper hand to organizations with regard to regaining functions in case of any natural disaster, cyber attack, or even a pandemic. 

Not having a Disaster recovery plan may lead to reputation loss, loss in business, and much more for organizations.

There are many challenges with traditional disaster recovery options, which makes them costly to build and maintain and a labor-intensive operation. At Astute Business Solutions, we offer a new perspective on disaster recovery. 

In this webinar, we dive deep into disaster recovery plans,Disaster rcovery as a service (DRaaS),  what you should consider protecting, your options in planning a disaster recovery model, and much more. 

Replay this recorded webinar to get to know about :

  • Introduction to Astute Business Solutions
  • What services do we offer 
  • A brief introduction to disaster recovery 
  • What to protect 
  • Type of Disaster Recovery Solutions 
  • Challenges faced in disaster recovery
  • How we have shifted the perspective on disaster recovery
  • A detailed roadmap for your DR operations 
  • Expert recommended solutions 
  • Addressing some commonly asked questions. 

Arvind Rajan, co-founder and CEO of Astute Business Solutions, is presenting this webinar. His experience of 24 years spans across industries with a focus on helping clients secure, optimize, and operate applications. 

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