How to Build a PeopleSoft Test Framework Program that Works


Webinar Synopsis:

PeopleSoft test Framework is a functional testing feature to ensure that after all the changes, the system is still robust and resilient. 

An optimized PeopleSoft test framework ensures optimal resource utilization to amximize ehe efficiency of businesses. 

In this webinar, Intermountain Healthcare shows real-time data, including their operational costs, their benefits, and the limitations that they face. They also highlight how they implemented the PeopleSoft Testing framework in their industry, which is focused on healthcare. The PeopleSoft testing framework has allowed Intermountain Healthcare to save considerable time, costs, and employee efforts. 

The detailed case study provides real-time insights on using PeopleSoft Test fRamework for other organizations. In addition to that, you can also learn more about the following areas with this webinar: 

ALong with this, in this webinar, we discuss: 

  • A brief introduction of PeopleSoft Test Framework 
  • What all does it include 
  • How does it operate 
  • Why should you use PTF
  • A case study from Intermountain healthcare- how PTF has improved their business efficiency
  • A panel discussion 

This webinar is presented to you by a panel of experts that includes Greg Kelly, who is with Oracle for PeopleSoft in the product management domain; Hillary Collins, who is the director of business applications over Finance at Intermountain Healthcare.

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