PeopleSoft lift and shift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Webinar


Webinar Synopsis:

Operating on PeopleSoft on-premise is challenging, to say the least. It offers limited automation features high operational costs, and exhausts your resources such as time and effort. It becomes more difficult when you are working with limited staff. 

A lift and shift to the cloud is an efficient solution to overcome these challenges. 

At Astute Business Solutions, we have crafted a solution for organizations to save time and effort and maximize working efficiency for outstanding results. 

Oracle cloud infrastructure offers a comprehensive solution for most modern business problems today. Though we understand that all businesses have unique requirements with their digital infrastructure, the path to achieving outstanding results takes us to the migration route to optimize, rebuild, and transform applications. 

This webinar is a comprehensive information guide to help you embark on your migration and modernization journey. 

  • About the Log4J vulnerability- how can it affect you 
  • Introduction to Astute Business Solutions 
  • Information on our highly demanded cloud services 
  • Our achievements- customer success story
  • Why you should consider moving Peplesoft to the cloud
  • A brief study on the PeopleSoft Market 
  • How OCI with cloud manager simplified PeopleSOft operations 
  • Considerations for your migration
  • What you can expect after the migration
  • A comprehensive demo on the cloud manager by Kanchan Singh 

Arvind Rajan, the CEO and co-founder of Astute Business Solutions, presents this detailed webinar. Kanchan Singh, a PeopleSoft and Oracle cloud architect with 10+ years of industry experience, is presenting the demo. 

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