PeopleSoft Reporting Challenges and 5 Tips to Overcome Them


Webinar Synopsis:

PeopleSoft has established itself as a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that provides robust reporting capabilities to organizations. Despite its increased accessibility, it also comes with certain limitations. 

Some common challenges of Peoplesoft reporting include Customer data extraction and integration, inadequate report formatting options, performance issues, lack of user-friendly reporting options, and data security and access controls. 

A robust reporting infrastructure is imperative for businesses to make their decision-making process more efficient, implement better data analysis, increase communication and collaboration and other requirements that help to scale businesses. 

The current reporting tools in PeopleSoft come with their own drawbacks, limiting the scalability of reporting functionalities. Kibana helps by providing better utility. 

In this webinar, we talk about: 

  • The importance of a robust reporting infrastructure
  • Different reporting tools available in PeopleSoft 
  • Drawbacks of traditional reporting tools.
  • A brief introduction of Kibana and how it will help organizations overcome the challenges of traditional reporting tools
  • Comparison between Kibana and traditional reporting tools 
  • 5 common challenges faced by Business Users 
  • Tips to overcome the challenges and practical solutions 
  • Some FAQs 

Kanchan Singh is a PeopleSoft and Oracle cloud architect with 10+ years of industry experience. With her thorough understanding of the subject, she presents a comprehensive introduction to Kibana dashboards. She gives a practical solution to common problems faced by organizations in their reporting and analytics systems. 

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