PeopleSoft Runs Better on Oracle Cloud than AWS or Azure


Webinar  Synopsis:

Cloud computing resources offer a multitude of benefits compared to other technologies. More customers are seeking to migrate to the cloud day by day. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI) offers tempting ways to streamline maintenance activities while increasing business process efficiency. 

Both OCI and AWS offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Data as a Service (DaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). It is worth noting that while AWS has not ventured significantly into SaaS, OCI has made significant strides in that direction.  

In this webinar, we explore: 

  • Why you should move PeopleSoft to OCI 
  • Benefits of PeopleSoft on OCI
  • A business case for PeopleSoft on OCI with real-time trends from a multidimensional perspective- what it means for everyone involved
  • Implementing the lift and shift
  • What is our approach? 
  • A case study on Gallaudet University- real-time data of the results they have achieved by a lift and shift service
  • Our detailed approach to them 
  • Followed by a few Questions and Answers 

Get to know the foundations Astute Business Solutions is built on from our CTO, Arvind Rajan. We also discuss the wide range of solutions we offer to migrate, manage, maintain, and integrate your PeopleSoft infrastructure. 

Migrating to the cloud comes with its own set of challenges. Having an experienced team to perform the migration ensures data security and improved results.

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