PTF Mastery: Tips & Tricks for Efficient HCM Testing


Webinar synopsis

PeopleSoft test framework enables organizations to implement efficient software testing to ensure robust performance. It helps to keep your working infrastructure reliable by fixing defects and addressing increasing customer expectations. 

Regular software testing is a vital part of the development lifecycle. Businesses are always looking for automation to elevate their testing framework. PTF is a cost-effective solution that helps streamline this testing process.

Leveraging PTF for HCM (Human Capital Management) workflow helps you achieve better infrastructural reliability, keep up with regulatory requirements, streamline HR operations, enrich the user experience, and mitigate potential risks associated with HR processes. It helps enhance the efficiency of your workforce through automation and reduces the risk of unwanted errors in HR infrastructure. 

In this webinar, we aim to cover the following key areas: 

  • The Importance of PeopleSoft testing framework in HCM Workflows
  • Challenges Faced with PeopleSoft HCM Workflow Testing 
  • Benefits of using PTF (PeopleSoft Test framework) for HCM workflow testing 
  • Tips and tricks for setting up PTF for HCM workflow
  • Practical use cases and insights that will help in setting up an efficient HCM Workflow test
  • Best practices for creating and executing HCM workflow test plans 
  • A comprehensive demo of the PTF HCM instance 

We have seen the PeopleSoft HCM framework help organizations overcome their challenges, achieve cost efficiency, reduce efforts and time spent on PeopleSoft lifetime management projects, and automate their testing process. This webinar aims to help more organizations implement the results in their workflows.

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