Transitioning to Dynamic Reporting from Query Manager in PeopleSoft ERP


Webinar Synopsis

PeopleSoft ERP is known for its robust query capabilities through query manager, which offers a structured methodology for generating and retrieving data. The need for enhanced reporting capabilities is ever-increasing in today’s constantly evolving business scenario. More intuitive tools enable better decision-making, leading to enhanced organizational efficiency. 

The Query Manager offers limited functionality in interactive and sharing capabilities. It requires heavy dependency on the system leading to an increased need for technical support.  Businesses can overcome these challenges by using dynamic reporting tools such as PeopleSoft Pivot Grids, Query Manager, Kibana, and other reporting tools from PeopleSoft and Vision. 

Dynamic reporting augments PeopleSoft ERP with increased analytical capabilities. 

This webinar aims to provide an overview of how businesses can leverage dynamic reporting to witness the full potential of PeopleSoft ERP. We also discuss: 

  • Limitations of the query manager 
  • Key benefits and features of reporting tools in the Peoplesoft ERP 
  • Dynamic and interactive reporting features 
  • Detailed comparison of Pivot Grid and Kibana 
  • Demonstration to explore Kibana capabilities in analytics and reporting 


Kanchan Singh, a PeopleSoft consultant with over 10 years of industry experience, presents you with a comprehensive demo of Kibana’s capabilities to supercharge your analytics and reporting operations. 

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