Upgrading PeopleSoft: Strategies for Successful Modernization and Migration


Webinar Synopsis:

Peoplesoft's modernization has brought along a list of different benefits to organizations. 

In this webinar, we uncover the various ideas of what PeopleSoft modernization means to organizations around the world. 

We start by discussing why PeopleSoft modernization is so essential. With the ever-evolving landscape of businesses all across the world today, we have collectively witnessed the need for a highly efficient and optimized digital infrastructure. 

Modernized Peoplesoft software enables businesses to leverage benefits with enhanced data security, delivering agile processes, making the analytics and reporting system more powerful, and providing a flexible and reliable infrastructure. 

Joe Finlinson presents a comprehensive deep dive into the need for modernizing PeopleSoft and the benefits it will unleash for your organization. Watch this webinar to discover the aspects of modernizing your working infrastructure. 

Data is vital for organizations to work smoothly. Upgrading the system regularly and working on a modernized digital infrastructure reduces potential threats to your data and mitigates further risks. In this webinar, we also discuss the following: 

  • How PeopleSoft Modernization works 
  • Benefits of an upgraded system
  • How you can plan a successful modernization 
  • How you can overcome common challenges
  • How you can leverage the benefits of the latest Peoplesoft version 
  • Expert advice for successful PeopleSoft migration 

Joe Finlinson is an established PeopleSoft professional with exclusive experience working on IT services and cybersecurity-related projects. Joe keeps customer delight at the heart of his services to ensure businesses enjoy smooth operations. 

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