Using PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) for PUM regression testing


Webinar Synopsis:

Regression PUM testing is executed after applying updates using the PeopleSoft Update Manager on PeopleSoft applications. It is done to ensure the updates are functional. 

This webinar briefly describes the PeopleSoft test framework and its benefits, such as improved efficiency and reduced potential errors. We also uncover the enhanced functionality you can leverage when integrating PTF with PeopleTools.

We also provide some additional resources for you to understand PTF better. In this webinar, we discuss: 

  • Introduction of PUM regression testing and Peoplesoft Test Framwork (PTF) 
  • About Astute Business Solutions 
  • Challenges faced with Peoplesoft PUM testing 
  • Startegies to overcome the challenges 
  • PTF use cases and best practices 
  • Additional PTF resources like blogs 

Supriya Prabhakara, an expert in Cloud Infrastructure architecture and PeopleSoft applications, presents this webinar to you. With over 12 years of experience across various industries, she brings a fresh perspective on how businesses can achieve a seamless testing process. 

We uncover the various PeopleSoft Test Framework services offered by Astute Business solutions like FasTest, PTF assessment, managed Testing Services, and a PTF Jumpstart. A detailed analysis of each service we provide will help you make an informed decision regarding the service you want to avail for your organization. 

This webinar also briefly summarizes Astute’s automation experience, highlighting how we have helped businesses enhance their digital infrastructure and save tons of man hours. 

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