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Move PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Without Any Upfront Costs or Hidden Fees

  • Migrate your PeopleSoft applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for free – we want to have you as a customer and want to delight you with our Managed Service offering.
  • No pressure engagement. If you don’t want it or can’t buy it right now for whatever reason, we’re going to follow your lead.
  • With Selective Adoption as a Service (SAaaS) Managed Services you will always be on the latest PeopleTools release, the latest PeopleSoft image, completely patched if that’s where you want to be.
  • Complementary cloud strategy workshop for those who are sincerely interested, no strings attached.
    (Valued at $10,000)
  • You’re in good hands – our team is comprised of PeopleSoft experts with an average of 15 years of experience managing PeopleSoft applications, odds are good we’ve seen it before and know the solution.
  • You’re saving money – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the cloud to run PeopleSoft on and the least expensive cloud.
  • You’re in-charge, we’re here to help at the level you need.
  • Never pay for an infrastructure refresh again.

Navigating Your Path to Cloud!


  • Lift and Shift PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Automate PeopleSoft application lifecycle management with Cloud Manager


  • Visualize KPIs for PeopleSoft with Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Implement Disaster Recovery on Oracle Cloud for PeopleSoft and related workloads
  • Deploy Chatbots with Conversational AI


  • Increase SLA and reduce repetitive tasks
  • Automate monitoring, backup, refresh, snapshots, cloning, new deployments
  • Accelerate PeopleSoft PUM adoption by automating testing with Astute’s Testing as a Service

Complete Suite of Integrated Cloud Services and Solutions

Cloud Service

Increase productivity, lower costs, and improve controls with Oracle Cloud and Astute Business Solutions.

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