Chaucer Syndicates Plc - OCI Migration Services

A multinational company offering insurance and reinsurance aviation, marine, treaty, casualty and international property products globally. In record time with zero defects and improved performance Astute was able to migrate on-prem PeopleSoft to OCI.

Customer: Chaucer Syndicates Plc
Industry: Global Insurance
  • Being divested by a U.S. based company
  • Migration from Exadata to OCI
  • Strict TSA timelines 
  • Customer confidence on proposed solution and timelines
  • No adoptive selection strategy
Solutions & Services
  • Design 9.1 sizing from Exadata to OCI
  • Lift and Shift current 9.1 PeopleSoft to OCI
  • Tune applications to map the performance of Exadata in OCI
  • Design the roadmap for 9.2 upgrade
  • Use of PTF to speed up testing
Benefits & Results
  • Speed of deployment reduced TSA timeline
  • Met deployment timelines reducing TCO
  • Enhanced security for business integrations
  • Improved business confidence on OCI deployments
  • The customer trusts Astute to deliver results
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