Chaucer - Migrating Peoplesoft To Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Chaucer - Migrating Peoplesoft To Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

A Multinational Company Offering Insurance and Reinsurance Aviation, Marine, Treaty, Casualty, and International Property Products Globally.


The Challenge


Cloud-First Initiative

Chaucer PLC was being divested by its parent company, Hanover Insurance, in a private equity deal led by China RE and they needed a new home for PeopleSoft applications, fast.

  • GDPR Compliance and the UK Region Cloud service
  • Accelerated Cloud Migration to meet divestiture timeline
  • Cloud Infrastructure for the new business entity
  • Managed Service for care and feed of PeopleSoft on Cloud

Migration from US Data Center to UK Cloud, Third-Party Integration

The separation from parent company Hanover Insurance also meant that Chaucer had to stand up a new IT organization and could no longer depend on shared services provided by its former parent company. Chaucer needed a new home for PeopleSoft applications, fast.

  • Migration from Oracle Exadata on-premise to Oracle Database Cloud Service on OCI
  • Migrate As-Is on PeopleSoft FSCM 9.1 and maintain current integrations
  • Right-sized Cloud for performance same as or better than on-premise Exadata
  • Cloud monitoring, auditing and compliance services

The Solution

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Astute chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to host and manage Chaucer's PeopleSoft application based on their needs and performance and security needs required.

OCI PaaS - Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Management Cloud
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure London Region with GDPR
OCI IaaS - Network, Compute, Storage, Web Application Firewall, Load Balancer

Accelerated Lift and Shift, Integration, Testing, Tuning

Astute delivered a 4-month PeopleSoft Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud service that kept Chaucer within the divestiture timeline. As part of the migration from on-premise Exadata to Oracle Database Cloud Service on VM, Astute tuned the cloud service parameters to optimize performance. Astute seamlessly transitioned PeopleSoft and Infrastructure support using its Autonomous Managed Service from Hanover Insurance.

Accelerated Lift and Shift of PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud
Seamless Transition from on-premise to Autonomous PeopleSoft Managed Service
Consulting Services for upgrade and re-implementation to V9.2
Astute implemented a GDPR-compliant solution in the London region of Oracle Cloud

Results Delivered


Reduced TCO

Chaucer PLC was able to stand up PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud and operate it independently of its parent company to meet one of its strategic goals. By moving PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud, Chaucer set the stage for success for PeopleSoft V9.2 upgrade on OCI.

  • Met deployment timelines
  • Reduced TCO
  • Enhanced security for business integrations
  • Improved business confidence on OCI deployments


Responsive Managed Service, Automation, Improved Performance

Chaucer IT, with its limited staff, was able to rely on Astute's Autonomous PeopleSoft Managed Service to operate, maintain and support PeopleSoft applications and the underlying cloud infrastructure. They were able to extend the managed service to meet the needs of their business while still controlling spend and outcome.

  • Reliable, SLA-based application and infrastructure support
  • Managed Service with deep relationships in the Oracle ecosystem
  • Access to new PeopleSoft features via demos and prototypes
  • Accelerated the FSCM V9.2 re-implementation on OCI with Cloud Manager

Setting the stage for future successes, with an Oracle Cloud Foundation


Lower Cost


Better Performance


Cloud Monitoring


GDPR Compliant


Learn How You Can Gain the Same Benefits as Chaucer

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