Frederick Community College (FCC) Modernizes PeopleSoft on OCI

Frederick Community College (FCC) Modernizes PeopleSoft on OCI

The project entailed a significant technological advancement for Frederick Community College (FCC) by migrating its Four Peoplesoft Pillar stacks (FSCM 9.2, HCM 9.2, and CS 9.2) from on-premises systems to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This migration was not just a simple transfer of data and services; it included the implementation of a robust business continuity disaster recovery infrastructure, a rigorous enhancement of security measures against ransomware threats, and an overall improvement in system performance and cost efficiency.

Company Description

Established in 1957, Frederick Community College has been a beacon of learning, guiding nearly 30,000 graduates in their educational pursuits. Catering to over 14,000 students, FCC operates with a substantial budget of $63 million, underlining its significant role in the educational landscape.


The Challenge


The primary business challenge faced by FCC was twofold: achieving substantial cost savings and ensuring the supportability of its platform as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). This was compounded by the high costs associated with Microsoft operating systems and database licenses. From a technological standpoint, FCC faced the daunting task of migrating within a tight six-month window, necessitated by the impending expiration of certifications and licenses of their existing systems. This process involved overcoming complex configurations of VPNs and Palo Alto setups, addressing the migration challenges associated with MicroFocus Cobol licenses due to old PeopleTools releases, and tackling the automation and scripting of database configurations for backup purposes.

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The Solution

    The solution was a seamless migration to OCI, characterized by a marked reduction in costs. This was achieved by building all servers from scratch, thereby avoiding the need for Rackware migration licenses. A fresh installation of SQLServers was carried out, and a meticulous architecture proposal was put into place for multi-region replication of the disaster recovery configuration. The implementation also leveraged the added benefits of OCI services, such as OSMS patching alerts, vulnerability scanning, and cloud advisor for cost analysis monitoring.

    Our Benefits

    Astute’s Services

    Astute’s role was pivotal in this transition. They provided the essential architecture diagram and design, managed fresh installations, and configurations, and ensured a transparent and seamless migration experience for users. Their expertise was instrumental in implementing enhanced network security measures and ensuring system redundancy.

    Results Delivered

    The project culminated in a highly successful migration to the OCI, which not only improved system performance and reduced downtimes but also significantly enhanced the security posture and business continuity of FCC. The migration strategy proved to be cost-effective in managing cloud resources. This success led to FCC's commitment to ongoing support services from Astute, affirming the effectiveness and efficiency of the migration strategy.

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