Gallaudet University Wins Oracle Cloud Innovation Award

Gallaudet University is a bilingual, diverse institution that ensures the intellectual and professional advancement of deaf and hard of hearing individuals through American Sign Language and English.

  • The Challenges
  • The Solution
  • Desired Results


High TCO, Resource Constraints

Faced with business and IT challenges, Gallaudet University was distracted from its core mission which as to serve its student population and their global customers and partners.

  • Deliver new application features to assist students, faculty, and staff

  • Reduce dependence on contract labor

  • Implement Disaster Recovery solutions

  • Replace manual paper-based processes with automation


Aging Infrastructure, No Disaster Recovery, Poor Performance

Gallaudet realized that its data center was no longer sufficient to handle its growing needs and tight budgets making the expansion impractical. Most urgently to Gallaudet’s planning, having a single data center running on-site applications didn’t provide adequate disaster recovery.

  • Systemic performance issues impacting online and batch processes

  • Lack of a Disaster Recovery Solution for mission-critical PeopleSoft applications

  • Aging data center infrastructure experiencing system failures

  • Behind on PeopleSoft application updates and fixes



Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

After extensive analysis, Gallaudet University chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, based on projected improvements in security, performance, disaster recovery, and $600,000 in cost savings over 5 years. 

  • Oracle Validated Solution Architecture

  • Fault-Tolerant, Highly-Available design

  • Disaster Recovery with Data Guard

  • PeopleSoft Cloud Manager and Terraform


PeopleSoft Lift and Shift, De-Customization, Flex Support

Gallaudet chose Astute Business Solutions as its strategic partner to Lift and Shift and Manage Peoplesoft Human Capital Management, Financial Management, and Campus Solutions applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Astute conducted a Cloud Workshop to assess Gallaudet’s needs and design a solution tailored to its needs which included an upgrade of Campus Solutions from V9.0 to V9.2 as part of the migration. The solution included the following key elements:

  • Cloud Strategy and Roadmap with Phased Implementation Plan

  • Business Continuity Assurance with Disaster Recovery on OCI

  • Fixed-Fee Fixed-Time Migration Projects aligned with Gallaudet's Academic Calendar

  • Performance Tuning and Optimization PeopleSoft Applications on OCI



Lowered TCO, Improved SLA

After migrating PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Gallaudet University has realized business benefits across a number of categories. 

  • $600,000 Cost Savings

  • 70% Performance Improvement

  • Improved Application SLA

  • Responsive Support Service


Eliminated Data Center Dependency, Access to On-Demand Services

“We are already receiving tremendous cost savings [using Oracle Cloud], and it’s incredibly exciting. We can shift from hiring contractors to keep the IT lights on to instead hiring contractors for innovation.” Daryl Frelich, Director of Enterprise Information, Gallaudet Technology Services

  • Upgraded Campus Solutions to V9.2 as part of OCI migration effort

  • Eliminated 90% of customizations in CS 9.2, took advantage of Fluid UI and ElasticSearch to improve UI/UX

  • PeopleSoft Flex Support services for on-demand functional and technical support

  • Ability to focus on PeopleSoft improvement projects including Fluid UI, Workflow and Process Automation


Getting Out Of The Data Center Business,

To Focus on Improving Student Services Powered by the Oracle Cloud


Reduced TCO


Better Performance


Faster Deployment


SLA Compliance

Be a Cloud Innovator Like Gallaudet University

Customer Testimonial

Watch Earl Parks, CIO of Gallaudet University, and Daryl Frelich, Sr. Director of Technology Services, discuss the benefits of PeopleSoft migration to OCI.

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