Hennepin County PeopleSoft Patching Service

Hennepin County PeopleSoft Patching Service

PeopleSoft Patching Service

Hennepin County, located in the U.S. state of Minnesota, is distinguished as the state’s most populous county, with its county seat in Minneapolis, the state's largest city. Named after the 17th-century explorer Father Louis Hennepin, the county covers a vast area extending from urban Minneapolis to its western suburbs and outlying cities. It is known for its natural landscapes that include extensive woods, hills, and lakes. As of the 2020 census, Hennepin County had a population of 1,281,565, making it the 34th-most populous county in the United States. It forms a significant part of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul–Bloomington Metropolitan Statistical Area, home to more than one in five Minnesotans.


The Challenge

Hennepin County faced several key challenges in maintaining their PeopleSoft applications

Timely Patch Application: There was a pressing need to apply patches to their PeopleSoft applications within a specific timeframe to ensure optimal performance and security.

Balancing Initiatives: Integrating the patching process into the county's broader array of initiatives proved challenging, necessitating a strategic approach.

Efficiency in Patch Cycles: Previously, the application cycles for patches were excessively prolonged, hindering operational efficiency.

Consistency in Outcomes: The absence of a standardized patching procedure led to inconsistent outcomes with each application, impacting system reliability.


The Solution

Astute Business Solutions, with six years of experience in fully-managed PeopleSoft services, offered a tailored solution for Hennepin County
    Astute leveraged its expertise in patching procedures from its managed services practice, adapting them to the unique complexities of the county's IT environment.
    A dedicated team worked closely with Hennepin County to thoroughly understand their infrastructure and specific patching needs.
    A custom runbook for patching was developed, ensuring a standardized and efficient process.
    The service involved applying patches on a set schedule, in line with a detailed statement of work and service level agreement, ensuring timely and uniform patch application every quarter.

    Our Benefits

    Astute’s Services

    Astute's role in this project encompassed several key activities

    • Customized Patching Procedure: Utilizing its established patching procedure as a foundation, Astute adapted and customized it to fit the specific requirements of Hennepin County.
    • Collaborative Infrastructure Analysis: Astute's team engaged in a collaborative effort with the county to gain an in-depth understanding of their patching needs and IT infrastructure.
    • Development of a Runbook: A new, tailored runbook for patching was created, specifically for Hennepin County, to streamline the patching process.
    • Compliance with Agreements: Astute ensured that all patching activities were in strict compliance with the agreed-upon statement of work and service level agreements.

    Results Delivered

    • Timeliness: All patches were applied within the stipulated timelines, enhancing the efficiency and security of the PeopleSoft applications.
    • Increased Frequency of Patching: The time required to apply patches saw a significant reduction. The county transitioned from annual to quarterly patching, with critical patches being applied even more frequently.
    • Uniformity and Less Disruption: The implementation of the runbook resulted in more uniform patch applications, minimizing interruptions and ensuring consistency across the board.
    • Continued Project Delivery: With dedicated resources for patching, Hennepin County’s project team was able to maintain their focus on delivering value across other initiatives even during patch cycles.
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