San Diego Community College District's Journey Toward Digital Transformation with PeopleSoft Modernization

San Diego Community College District's Journey Toward Digital Transformation with PeopleSoft Modernization


Embracing Change in Education Technology

In a bold move to stay ahead in the dynamic world of educational technology, the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD), a major player in California's education sector, embarked on a critical partnership with Astute Business Solutions. This collaboration was aimed at conducting a thorough health check and modernization of SDCCD's PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) application, crucial for the district's fiscal management and operational efficiency.


Focus on Core Mission

SDCCD, serving approximately 80,000 students across its extensive network of colleges and continuing education campuses, operates on a complex matrix of PeopleSoft applications. These include FSCM, Human Capital Management (HCM), Campus Solutions (CS), and Interaction Hub (IH or Portal), all hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This infrastructure supports a range of modules essential for the district's operational integrity, including Purchasing, Contracts, Workflows, General Ledger, Asset Management, and Payables.

Identifying Core Challenges

The Catalyst for Change

Business Challenge: Despite its efforts in routinely updating the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Images, SDCCD faced challenges in harnessing the full potential of new application features. This gap resulted in operational inefficiencies, particularly in the fiscal domain.

Technology Challenge: SDCCD's reliance on legacy PeopleSoft features, such as Classic and Classic Plus, hindered its progression towards a more modern, fluid, and user-friendly interface. This technological stagnation was a barrier to achieving greater efficiency and user satisfaction.

Astute’s Comprehensive Strategy

A Dual Approach

Astute Business Solutions conducted an exhaustive assessment, leading to a strategy encompassing immediate "Quick Wins" and a roadmap for future upgrades and modernization. Key implementation areas included the integration of modern PeopleSoft features like Supplier 360, Fluid WorkCenters, and Fluid Approvals, aimed at enhancing both user experience and operational efficiency.

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Methodological Excellence: Astute’s Holistic Approach

Astute's methodology was meticulously designed, involving workshops to understand the real-world usage of the PeopleSoft system within SDCCD. This included:
    Assessing the Current State: A detailed analysis of the existing system setup, usage patterns, and identification of pain points.
    Business Requirement Analysis: Deep diving into the specific needs and challenges of SDCCD's user base, ensuring alignment of technological improvements with operational requirements.
    Pain Point Identification: Pinpointing areas needing urgent attention and enhancement.
    Recommendations for Improvement: Proposing a comprehensive set of improvements to boost operational efficiencies and user satisfaction.
    Enhancing User Experience: Focusing on interface improvements for better usability and efficiency.
    Automation and Efficiency: Identifying opportunities for process automation to enhance accuracy and reduce manual effort.
    Leveraging Built-in Capabilities: Maximizing the use of PeopleSoft’s inherent features to optimize the return on investment.

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    Delivering Transformative Results

    The project culminated in a HealthCheck Executive Summary that provided SDCCD with a clear, actionable strategy. This included prioritized recommendations for system improvements, budgetary considerations, and a phased implementation plan.

    Long-Term Implications and Conclusion

    This partnership not only resolved immediate operational challenges but also laid the groundwork for SDCCD's long-term technological evolution. The modernization of the PeopleSoft system is a testament to SDCCD's commitment to staying at the forefront of educational technology, enhancing the experience of its students, faculty, and staff, and setting a benchmark in the education sector.

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