Syneos Health is an end-to-end, fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions company.

  • The Challenges
  • The Solution
  • Results Delivered


Consolidate, Optimize IT Assets

Syneos Health engaged Astute Business Solutions to evaluate its business needs and recommend a future-state solution to host and manage its PeopleSoft and EBS Applications.

  • Reduce cost

  • Be agile

  • Improve security

  • Increase performance


Exit Data Center, Consolidate Hosting, Improve Performance

Syneos Health engaged Astute Business Solutions to assess current-state challenges, pain points, and cost structures. Syneos Health needed help in clearly defining its future-state needs. As part of the cloud assessment, Syneos wanted to evaluate and compare cost, performance, scalability, automation, and security criteria between Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).  

  • Reduce operational cost, consolidate infrastructure footprint

  • Deploy Faster, Automate and Standardize, Increase responsiveness

  • Encrypt, Mask Data at Rest and In Motion, Be Compliant with Regulatory/Audit need

  • For Critical Applications and Business Processing Windows, Scale Dynamically




Cloud POC

Astute executed multiple Proof-of-Concept (POC) projects within this Cloud Assessment to help Syneos Health prove important Use Cases for its back-office applications. 

  • PeopleSoft Lift and Shift to OCI

  • EBS Lift and Shift to OCI

  • Infrastructure Automation on OCI

  • Patch/Fix and Lifecycle Management on OCI


Cloud Workshops, SWOT Analysis, Solution Comparison

Astute assessed current state applications and related infrastructure. Future-state business requirements were defined and prioritized by Syneos Health. Solution choices were narrowed down to Syneos Health Data Centers, Third-Party Hosting and Public Cloud Infrastructure (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Microsoft Azure). Astute conducted a number of workshops to lead Syneos Health to the eventual path to Cloud. 

  • Strategy Workshop - Needs definition, business drivers and priorities, critical dates, TCO analysis

  • Technology Workshop - Infrastructure consolidation and optimization, version compatibility, networking, security, automation

  • Process Workshop - Service Level Management, Application Lifecycle Management



Strategy and Roadmap for Cloud

The Cloud Assessment project helped Syneos Health review and select the option best suited for their needs from a shortlist of recommendations developed by Astute, tailored to needs.  

  • Cloud strategy and roadmap

  • SWOT Analysis for applications, infrastructure, and managed service

  • Evaluation report - in-house data center vs hosting vs cloud


Technology evaluation report, cloud migration plan, POC results

Based on key findings and the analysis of data gathered from workshops, Astute Business Solutions helped Syneos Health conclude public Cloud Infrastructure offered the best fit for Syneos Health’s business needs and closely aligns with your business drivers as well. Astute helped Syneos Health shortlist Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as the two Cloud Infrastructure providers to evaluate and compare and eventually select OCI. 

  • Technology comparison between Azure and OCI focused on capabilities to host and support PS and EBS applications,

  • Helped Syneos Health draft an RFP to select migration and managed service partner for cloud migration based on the assessment report

  • Project plan, risk mitigation plan, and change management plan to migrate all Oracle application and database workloads to OCI

  • Successful completion of PeopleSoft and EBS lift and shift POC's to OCI, with documented test results


Mapping a cloud journey,
to prepare for future success


Projected Savings


Improved DR


Lower Maintenance


Improved SLA

Formulate Your Cloud Strategy and Plan

Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud solutions are the New Normal

Organizations that are struggling with the upkeep of their on-premise data center can now simulate a complete cloud environment with Hybrid cloud adoption.

Cloud Innovation Customers recognized by Oracle

These customers built their strategy and roadmap and executed their plan by moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, to realize tangible business benefits. 

SDI moves PeopleSoft and data center workloads to OCI

Strategic Distribution Inc. chose Astute and Oracle Cloud to move out of its aging data center and modernize supply chain and MRO services.