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  • Syneos Health - PeopleSoft and EBS Lift and Shift from OMCS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Syneos Health is an end-to-end, fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions company.

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    Agility and Automation

    Formed by merging Inventiv Health and INC Research, Syneos Health was looking for ways to optimize its IT portfolio and get out of the data center business by implementing Cloud-based solutions for the new entity.  

    • Optimize and rationalize its IT portfolio

    • Consolidate data center assets

    • Leverage the Cloud for agility, and automation


    Consolidating Applications within Oracle eBusiness Suites

    Syneos Health had a portfolio of multiple Financial and HR applications from the merged entities. One of its main challenges was to consolidate all Financial and Supply Chain Management within Oracle eBusiness Suite while using PeopleSoft HCM as the system of record for Human Resources. Syneos was also looking to migrate away from Oracle hosting services to a new Managed Service Solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.   

    • Lift and Shift all Oracle applications from hosting to OCI in one big-bang project

    • Migrate Oracle Identify Management and SOA Suite Integration applications

    • Align Cloud Migration milestones with Syneos's internal business transformation plan



    Oracle Cloud Architecture

    After carefully evaluating options based on strategic business needs, Astute helped Syneos Health select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as the future-state solution for its PeopleSoft and EBS applications. 

    • Multi-region OCI architecture 

    • Fault-tolerant infrastructure

    • Lifecycle automation tools

    • Industry-leading Cloud SLA 


    Workshops, Assessment, Proof-of-Concept, and Cloud Manager

    Astute Business Solutions started out by assessing Syneos Health's on-premise architecture and sizing for PeopleSoft and Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS) applications to identify areas of improvement. We designed right-sized future-state architecture on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, with recommendations to add monitoring, disaster recovery, and infrastructure automation solutions.  Analyzing Improve the performance of daily tasks and streamline organizational activities.

    • Workshops to develop strategy and roadmap for moving PeopleSoft and EBS to Cloud

    • Assessment to migrate PeopleSoft, EBS, OBIEE, OAM, and Hyperion from OMCS to OCI

    • Proof-Of-Concept for improvements in performance and lifecycle management on OCI

    • Cloud Manager for PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS to build, clone and tear-down instances



    50% Decrease in TCO

    Syneos Health was able to execute a planned move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) based on the blueprint developed by Astute in this engagement. Recommendations and proven use cases were used to build the internal business case to move to OCI.

    • Projected 50% TCO reduction

    • Eliminated aging data center risk

    • Projected 70% performance gain

    • Industry-leading Cloud SLA 


    Optimization and Automation

    Migrating Oracle workloads to OCI, Syneos Health was able to optimize it's IT operations by phasing out aging infrastructure in its own data centers. Furthermore, Syneos Health was able to significantly reduce TCO by moving applications out of traditional Oracle hosting services to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

    • Hardware and software optimization via data center consolidation

    • Improvements in CPU, memory, and disk performance with X7 architecture on OCI

    • Proposed Oracle Management Cloud for enhanced and expanded monitoring solutions

    • Automated maintenance tasks with Cloud Manager for EBS, PeopleSoft, and Terraform

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    Taking Advantage of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,
    For Business Growth, Agility and Performance


    Reduced TCO


    Higher Performance


    Higher Efficiency




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