University of California, Berkeley

UCB chooses Astute Business Solutions for PeopleSoft FasTest Automation

  • The Challenge
  • The Solution
  • The Benefits


Staying Current

Due to time and resource challenges, The University of California, Berkeley (UCB) was not current on its PeopleTools and PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) versions. 

  • UC Berkeley is on 8.57 and not on the latest PUM.
  • Manual testing - Resource and Time constraints.
  • Lacked resources with the ability to schedule PeopleSoft testing with the use of test scripts.
  • No access to real-time test metrics needed to make business decisions.


Resource and Time Constraints

UC Berkeley was on FSCM 9.2 (Financials and Supply Chain Management) PeopleTools 8.57, however, they were not using PeopleSoft Test Framework due to resource and time constraints.

The modules in scope for Test Automation included Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Billing, General Ledger, BIBS(UC Berkeley specific), eBill and Security with moderate customization, and Accounts Payables integration with third-party platforms. 

  • Mmanual testing of PeopleSoft application.
  • No ability to run, edit, schedule test scripts run via PIA.
  • Behind on PeopleSoft application new features.
  • No access to real-time test metrics with fluid homepages, navigation collection, and reports generated using analytics.




Managed Services 

  • Extend the coverage of the current automated test library as per requirement.
  • Assist UC Berkeley in setup, execution, tracking, and monitoring of test execution using FasTest and PTF for a given test cycle.
  • Provide UC Berkeley with the most up-to-date automated PTF test library by performing an impact analysis, retrofits, etc.
  • Support & maintenance of the automated test library using PTF and FasTest tools by providing new updates and releases as per UC Berkeley’s PeopleSoft application and Tools version.
Key deliverables:
  • Unit Test results of net new 63 PTF scripts and 60 shell scripts.
  • Individual PTF Tests, Test Cases as per scope.
  • PTF repository created or validated.
  • PTF library structure.
  • Execution profiles and security profiles.
  • Retrofit of test scripts after an upgrade
    test cycle runs. 


JumpStart Implementation

  • Automate manual testing using PeopleSoft Test Framework.
  • Implementation of Astute’s Test Automation solution FasTest to address the limitations of delivered PTF features, and thus enhancing the user experience.
Key deliverables:
  • Project Plan and Test Plan.
  • Best practices document for PTF.
  • Unit Test results of net new 240 PTF scripts and 60 PTF scripts retrofitted.
  • Individual PTF Tests, Test Cases as per scope.
  • PTF installation validated.
  • PTF repository created or validated.
  • PTF library structure.
  • Execution profiles and security profiles.
  • PTF and FasTest training.
  • 2 Test cycles run - TST and QAT.


Automated Testing

After implementing PeopleSoft Test Framework combined with FasTest, UC Berkeley has realized business benefits across a number of categories.

  • Reduced timeline and efforts in regression testing - Two test cycles were run after the PUM upgrade - TST and QAT each in about two weeks. Significantly reduced the testing timeline by 60% compared to manual testing.
  • Functional resources can use the saved time from reduced testing overhead to focus on other value-added work.
  • Real-time test metrics for making immediate business decisions.
  • Significant time savings with test cycles has helped UC Berkeley in PUM upgrade. UC Berkeley is moving to 8.58, PUM 37 with plans to stay current.


Real-Time Test Metrics

UC Berkeley is still on PeopleTools 8.57, but will soon be moving 8.58 with the latest PUM.

  • Automated testing.
  • Berkeley can run, edit, schedule test scripts via PIA using Astute’s Test Automation solution.
  • Access to real-time test metrics with Fluid homepages, Navigation collection, and reports generated using analytics.

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