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Oracle Cloud Integration Done Right

It's easy to get stuck when it comes to how you should connect (or integrate) data and applications together, regardless of where your data and applications reside (on-premise, between clouds, or even various SaaS applications). Designing your network well, tool selection, as well as having a clear understanding of the business requirements are important to successful integration projects.

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  1. Understand the business requirements
  2. Understand the technical requirements
  3. Create a network architecture that supports your end-state integration goals
  4. Evaluate and select the right tools for the job
    • Native Application Capability
    • Managed File Transfer
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Oracle Integration
  5. Validate Assumptions
  6. Build
  7. Test
  8. Deploy

Oracle Integration - Strong and Capable 

When it's time for enterprise ready, secure, performant, and easy to use integration, Oracle Integration is second-to-none. With capability to integrate from anywhere to anything, and prebuilt integrations for your favorite applications, there isn't a product available today that does what Oracle Integration can!


Some integrations are simple and small, other integrations are large and complex. The most important aspect of integration designing is appropriately matching the tools and technical solutions to the business needs. While moving individual applications or services to the Oracle Cloud can be a relatively simple process, once you start connecting that cloud application to other applications, the need for solid solutions becomes important as the integration environment grows.

Astute Business Solutions believes in thoroughly understanding your use case(s) and helping you to design the integration that will best meet your needs based on our years of experience and work with many different integration systems.

Benefits of well-designed integration are:

  • Better user experience 
  • Time savings 
  • Alignment to a master data management plan
  • Greater insight  
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Oracle Integration FAQ

Astute Business Solutions paired with Oracle Integration is a tough act to follow. Read on to get answers to your questions about our Oracle Integration Services.

What are my options for Integration to/from the Oracle Cloud?

Integration options will depend on your business requirements. We want to understand your needs and tailor a solution that precisely fits your needs in a manner that provides you with flexibility for the future. Here's a short list of some of our integration approaches:

  • Native Application Capability
  • Managed File Transfer
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Oracle Integration
Does Oracle Integration have a pre-built connector to my application?

Perhaps. The most popular ERP and SaaS solutions have connectors that are available today, the list is always growing. You can see the list of connectors here.

What if Oracle Integration doesn't have an adapter for my application?

No problem! We've got a team of experts with plenty of experience both using and building adapters. The great thing about Oracle Integration is that you would build an adapter using the same tools that Oracle uses to build their published adapters. Just because you wrote it yourself, doesn't mean it wouldn't run with the same efficiency and ease.

Do you have experience integrating my system to another system?

Let's talk about it. We have deep experience with integrating ERP Solutions, BI Solutions, Custom Applications, Campus Solutions, and Warehouse Solutions. To find out if we have worked with your specific systems, reach out. We would love to have a conversation.

How does RPA fit into an integration strategy?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a great way to perform integration where it is either difficult to build interfaces due to system limitations, or where the effort to write a classic interface is prohibitively expensive. Astute Business Solutions believes that in these cases, the best way to achieve integration in a cost effective manner is to create a bot capable of doing the work that a human would have done. We're big fans of Automation Anywhere, and would love to talk to you about this exciting technology.

Unmatched Experience

Integration, even with awesome tools can be challenging to get right. You want to partner with someone who has been down the road before to help you make the best decisions. Astute Business Solutions brings more than a century of experience with integration to its consulting engagements. You will experience better service and capability than you would with a large full-service consultancy without the full-service consultancy price tag when you work with Astute Business Solutions.


Here are five skills for surviving and succeeding with cloud integration, that will prepare you and help you thrive in your new hybrid integration environment. 


Oracle Integration Cloud Service provides secure, enterprise-grade, lightweight integration solutions to help you manage your file-based PeopleSoft integrations to internal and external applications. 


Oracle allows you to migrate any workload to the Cloud, setting the stage for a new era of cloud-based data, applications, and infrastructure. Find out how your organization can transition to a secure, scalable, high-performance public cloud.