Eight Questions To Consider for Your Move to the Cloud


The questions represent various aspects of organizational change and system management. It covers topics such as change management, deployment regulation, architecture selection, securing cloud connections, cloud migration plans, monitoring tools, system post-move support, and strategies for future system management.

Each question briefly addresses key considerations in navigating organizational and technological transitions effectively. Here are the questions you should ask while considering moving to the cloud.

  • Change Management - What steps can you take to assist your organization with change management?
  • Regulate Deployment - How can you regulate the new deployment?
  • Architecture & Security - What architectures should be chosen, and how can confidentiality, data integrity, and availability be ensured?
  • Cloud Connection Security - How do you secure a cloud connection?
  • Cloud Migration Strategy - What are the plans for making an actual move?
  • Monitoring Tools - What tools should be utilized for monitoring?
  • System Post-Move - How do you plan to support the system's post-move?
  • Future System Management - What are the strategies to manage your system in the future?

With these eight questions, we would like to help our clients better understand their cloud journey. While asking the questions is easy, coming up with the correct answers for your organization can be challenging. Our team can help you determine the best approach for your move to the cloud.


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