Why Migrate PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?


Many who are still running PeopleSoft on-premises are stuck using outdated versions and paying high costs for storage, capacity, and extra staff. Despite all this, they often fail to scale and meet peak demands.

Did you know that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was built with migrating your PeopleSoft apps to the cloud in mind? OCI is purpose-built for PeopleSoft, giving you options for better security, higher performance, and superior automation—all at lower cost through pay-as-you-go costs of Oracle Cloud.

Astute Business Solutions is the right team for your cloud migration. Our company has performed over 30 PeopleSoft to OCI migrations (more than anyone else since 2016, and all were successful), and we have an option where we can migrate you for free Due to our experience, we’ve cut migration time by more than 60% and confidently commit to on-time and within-budget migrations.

When we migrated a multinational insurance company to PeopleSoft on OCI, they reduced total costs by 30% and improved performance by 25%. Plus, they were fully implemented within a very tight timeline.

Our team can help you answer your most pressing questions and provide a tailored solution for your PeopleSoft migration needs. Together, we’ll discuss:

  • Migration timeline
  • Your estimated total savings vs. on-premise
  • PeopleSoft features that are exclusive to Oracle Cloud
  • Staying current on the PeopleSoft updates as they’re released
  • Security, scaling, and performance
  • How our team can provide the support you need for ongoing success

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