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    PeopleTools Upgrade - On Demand 

    Feeling burned out by the treadmill of patching, updating, and configuring? Astute's PeopleTools upgrade service is the ideal solution to help you get more done by allowing us to handle the PeopleTools upgrade for you. Whether you want us to just do a one-off upgrade, or want a planned upgrade every year, we've got a solution for you.

    Get off the hamster wheel of PeopleTools upgrades with PeopleTools Upgrade service

    Step off the Wheel

    PeopleTools upgrades are a critical component of staying current with your PeopleSoft investment because they provide access to the latest features and functionality that can improve system performance, security, and user experience. That being said, you and your team are probably busy with other initiatives and projects. A PeopleTools upgrade probably feels like "one more thing". Let us handle the upgrade for you so that you and your team can keep adding value, and we will make sure the foundation is there for you with a seamless upgrade.


    Upgrades can also help organizations meet regulatory requirements and address changing business needs. By regularly upgrading PeopleTools, organizations can ensure that their PeopleSoft systems remain competitive and deliver maximum value to their users. Additionally, staying current with PeopleTools upgrades can help reduce the risk of costly system downtime or data breaches that can occur when using outdated software.

    How does it work?

    We engage with you by way of a statement of work that describes your entitlement and the schedule. The statement of work can easily be customized to meet your organization's needs.

    PeopleTools Upgrade

    What does it look like? Pretty much the same thing you do yourself, but you don't have to do it yourself.

    • Download the upgrade, install into Demo

    • Compare the demo against your Dev environment

    • Prepare retrofits as Needed*

    • Install the Upgrade and Retrofits to Dev

    • Test the changes in Dev

    • Wash, Rinse, Repeat through the rest of your environments

    • Automated lifecycle management with Cloud Manager

    *We can perform the retrofit, or you can do it yourself based on the compare report we provide. It's totally up to you. There is an additional fee if we take on your retrofit.

    Your Path to a PeopleTools Upgrade


    We aim to be simple and transparent with our cost of this service.

    Amounts shown below are in US Dollars, and subject to change based on discovery.

    Type Cost For 1 Pillar* Cost Per Additional Pillar
    PeopleTools Upgrade - Retrofit NOT Included $21,600 $10,000
    PeopleTools Upgrade - Retrofit Included $35,000 $18,795

    *One (1) Pillar includes up to four (4) environments - (Dev, Test, Stage, Production)