Lift and Shift Ellucian Banner ERP to Oracle Cloud


Webinar Synopsis:

Why should you move from the PeopleSoft or Ellucian banner to OCI? 

Operating on Ellucian banner platforms requires high operational costs and a significant workforce. This is an important limitation, especially for small businesses. It also lags in acknowledging security concerns and a few other considerations. 

Ellucian Banner also has limited automation capabilities with regard to automation. Less automation leads to reduced efficiency and a higher amount of vulnerabilities. 

Oracle cloud infrastructure is a comprehensive solution to overcome the challenges offered by Ellucian Banner ERP. 

However, the overwhelming quantity of cloud-based services makes it difficult for customers to navigate and find the best solution for them. 

This webinar covers the detailed aspects of the critical considerations and factors to be kept in mind before migrating to OCI. We compare it with other digital solutions as well to help you make an informed decision on the best-suited digital infrastructure for your organization. 

In this webinar, we address 

  • The apprehensions in the customer's mind about AI 
  • Questioning whether your organization is ready for cloud 
  • Is the cloud secure 
  • The considerations when you plan to shift to cloud infrastructure 
  • Primary use cases for OCI 
  • Outcomes gained for different businesses
  • Best practices for migration 
  • And a comprehensive overview

This webinar is presented by Aravind Rajan, who is the CEO and co-founder of Astute Business Solutions. 

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