Webinar Replay: Ellucian Banner Runs Better On Oracle Cloud


Webinar Synopsis:

Ellucian banner helps universities gain increased visibility with an ERP specifically designed for higher education institutions that is flexible, scalable, and extendable. 

However, running an Ellucian banner on-premise paves the way for a multitude of challenges like vulnerabilities to error, being costly, inability to perform disaster recovery, and much more. 

Migrating banner to Oracle reduces the chances of error, increasing the efficiency of your workforce and business operations. It is a cost-effective solution and reduces all your systems from security threats. 

We have seen tremendous improvement for institutions that migrate banners from on-premise to oracle cloud. 

In this webinar, we touch base upon the following points and many more critical areas, such as: 

  • About Astute Business and the phases of our working process
  • Why should you consider moving the Ellucian banner to cloud - Challenges of running the banner on-premise 
  • Why the cloud is the solution for all your banner challenges 
  • Making the business case for banner to cloud 
  • Advantages offered by Oracle over Ellucian Banner
  • Overview of Oracle Cloud 
  • How Astute simplifies your Banner migration to OCI
  • How Astute is different from other banner lift and shift 
  • Customer success stories 

This webinar is presented by Arvind Rajan, the CEO and co-founder of Astute Business Solutions.

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