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June 21, 2023
04:00 PM ET

Challenges with PeopleSoft Reporting and 5 Tips on how to overcome them

Learn about how to make reporting awesome!

07_Getting out of Query Manager into a dynamic interactive style of reporting for PeopleSoft ERP
July 12, 2023
04:00 PM ET

Getting out of Query Manager into a dynamic interactive style of reporting for PeopleSoft ERP

ransitioning from PeopleSoft Query Manager to a dynamic, interactive style of reporting is a strategic move for organizations using PeopleSoft ERP.

July 19, 2023
04:00 PM ET

Webinar: Mastering PTF: Tips and Tricks for HCM

Come learn all about how to best test HCM with the PeopleSoft Test Framework.

Kibana - Should you implement it now or wait for OpenSearch-
August 2, 2023
04:00 PM ET

Kibana - Should you implement it now or wait for OpenSearch?

Peoplesoft Kibana is a powerful data visualization and analytics tool that seamlessly integrates with the PeopleSoft ERP system.

August 30, 2023
04:00 PM ET

Webinar: Mastering PTF - Tips and Tricks for FSCM

Come learn all about the best test strategies for FSCM using the PeopleSoft Test Framework.

October 11, 2023
04:00 PM ET

Webinar: Mastering PTF - Tips and Tricks for CS

Come and see how the PeopleSoft Test Framework can be used to speed up your CS testing.

October 23, 2023
07:00 AM ET

Virtual Conference: RECONNECT Dive Deep

October 24-26, Digital learning for the entire team! Hands on labs and activities to help you keep your PeopleSoft skills sharp.


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ERP Modernization

Whether it's PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite, or Ellucian Banner, we've got the teams and skill to help you with your ERP.

Cloud Migration

Astute Business Solutions specializes in both single-server & data-centric migration services. Our offerings in migration services include application modernization, infrastructure optimization & more.

Cloud Services

Are you looking for a partner to help you with your cloud strategy? We have cloud architects, as well as cloud administrators who can quickly understand your needs and help you plan a path forward

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The Astute Way

Customer-Driven Innovation, Collaborative Success,Adaptive Excellence

Our approach embodies a synergistic fusion of expertise, agility, and commitment, forging sustainable business transformations.
01. Customer-Centric Focus

Astute works with a customer-centric approach right from the stage of communicating clients’ requirements to developing business solutions as per their preferences.

02. Collaboration and Communication

We believe in the analogy of ‘Teamwork leads to dream work’ and embrace clear communication and collaboration with both clients and team members to achieve our desired objective.

03. Resourceful Solutions

We develop value-adding customized solutions by making the optimum use of resources available that helps our clients stay competitive in this cut-throat era of digital competition.

04. Continuous Improvement

We keep up with the evolving trends of the tech industry and timely modify our workflows by integrating or replacing with the tools and technologies newly introduced in the market.


Why Choose Astute?

Exceptional Service through Commitment and Skill

Providing All-inclusive Cloud Services through Sector-specific Knowledge, Collaborative Alliances, and Emphasis on Client Happiness and Cutting-edge Approaches.

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide cloud strategy, architecture, migration, implementation, and ongoing support.


Industry Expertise

Expect industry-rich knowledge and niche-relevant experience.


Strategic Partnership

Serving Incredible business solutions globally in partnership with Oracle.


Customer Satisfaction

Delighting clients with our technical skills and providing support wherever required.


Innovation and Adaptability

Empowering our clients with innovative and user-friendly technical solutions.