Achieve Success with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s Modern Data Platform

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    We have covered a very elaborate introduction and feature specifications with you in our previous blogs.

    In this blog, we will be giving you ample proof of the transformational effect Oracle's Modern Data Platform can have on your business and the way you look at data.

    Businesses are inherently data-driven, which means any CEO will tell you that their business runs on the foundation of data management.

    Using the wrong platforms and tools for data management makes it more challenging to harness the maximum potential of data and make well-informed decisions.

    Move your Workloads to Oracle Modern Data Platform Seamlessly

    Astute provides specialized services that helps you move seamlessly to Oracle Modern Data Platform.

    Why choose Oracle Modern Data Platform

    "But why should I choose Oracle as my Modern Data Platform?"

    There are many value-driven reasons why you should choose Oracle Modern Data Platform as your preference when there are so many service providers that provide the same set of functionalities.

    Ideally, you would weigh out all the pros and cons of each data platform. Let us do that for you.

    Here are X strategic reasons why you would choose the Oracle Modern Data Platform :

    • Increased Agility and Scalability:

      Businesses work in a dynamic environment, and their needs change with time. These changing needs are unpredictable and can be caused instantly.

      You need a data center that can keep up with evolving needs, adapt to growing and changing data, and serve a wide variety of use cases.

    • Unified Data

      Most data platform providers offer diverse database and data requirements, and there can be a number of challenges and inefficiencies with such data management.

      Large organizations that rely on several database requirements and demands can face the challenge that comes with having to ensure proper data flow with different stream data processing. Certain database services are challenging to connect to the data warehouse in the first place. This has a direct relationship with increasing costs, complexity, latency and risks.

      Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps you consolidate large and scattered data into a Data Warehouse in the cloud.

      Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is a handy tool that will help you in elevating operational efficiency and simplicity. A converged database can simplify data management for your teams, and it delivers more performance at a lower cost than the competition.

    • Choose the deployment that fits your needs

      Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gives you ample choices to deploy as you would like. The various options available are:

      • Public Cloud: Use the Oracle Public Clouds in 42+ geographical locations.
      • Hybrid Cloud: If you are using any other deployment option, you can combine that with OCI to leverage a hybrid cloud.
      • Multi-Cloud: You can choose a multi-cloud deployment option from Azure, MySQL Heatwave on AWS
      • Dedicated Cloud: OCI Dedicated Region, OCI Alloy.
      • On-premises: Traditional deployments in your on-premise data center.
    • Prioritize safety and compliance.

      Oracle's stance on cybersecurity has been consistent. Their approach is simple, and it involves delivering uniform functions, delivering consistency end-to-end, building in, and being genuinely autonomous.

      The challenge with maintaining data security is that deep system patches require loads of downtime, which causes massive business disruptions. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can leverage built-in security, which means such separate deep system patches. It keeps data protected, secured and accessible from the get-go.

    • Leverage AI and ML models

      Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a complete platform that gives you support for the complete data stack. It accounts for your data integration, data warehouse, big data and data lake, and analytics features.

      In addition to that, it also supports machine learning and artificial intelligence-based capabilities that make it possible for you to leverage data for all decision-making processes.

      The Oracle Modern Data Platform has integrated AI/ML capabilities that can be leveraged in day-to-day analytics. AI is also embedded in Oracle SaaS applications and provisions for generative AI and is powered by NVIDIA.

    Leverage the Competitive Advantages of Oracle Modern Data Platform

    We have listed down just a few benefits of The Oracle Modern Data Platform. Based on your specific use cases, there can be a lot more.

    Achievements of Oracle Modern Data Platform

    There have been many reports done on the comparative capabilities and functions of different cloud service providers.

    Gartner published an extensive study on the critical capabilities of cloud database management systems for operational use cases.

    In this study, they measured the performance of the cloud in three use cases:

    • OLTP Transactions
    • Lightweight Transactions
    • Operational Intelligence

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ranked first in all three categories because it is available in different services and for different use cases. They claim Oracle to be a leader in delivering premium use cases for customers.

    The Forrester Wave also categorizes Oracle's Data Platform as an industry leader with the broadest capabilities that operates with a strong vision.

    They have listed various strategic and competitive advantages offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, such as an autonomous data warehouse, AI/ ML capabilities, built-in security, integration capabilities with a data lake, multi-cloud, and much more.

    You can access more studies here.

    Many customers have seen great results with the Oracle Modern Data Platform. Some of the results that we have seen customers making are:

    • Upto 40% increase in performance
    • 60% reduction in costs
    • Respond to changes in consumer behavior 2x times faster than earlier

    Let's give you a brief on who these customers are. They are:

    • Experian: A global Technology company and market leader in data and analytics
    • Lyft: A transportation company that helps many people book convenient rides
    • FedEx: A shipping company that helps millions of people send and receive packages.

    With such a vast client portfolio, Oracle Cloud Infrasturcture's Modern Data Platform is a promising and growing network of database systems that provide enough reasons for one to move to the platform.

    Drive Advanced Business Outcomes

    Move your workloads to Oracle Modern Data Platform and witness enhanced achievements. Get on a call with us and let’s get started!

    Move Your Workloads to Oracle Cloud Modern Data Platform

    Astute Business Solutions facilitates a seamless and smooth migration of your workloads to the Oracle CLoud Infrastructure.

    We are a passionate and driven team of former Oracle employees and our vast expertise helps us provide a strategic and well-planned roadmap customized to your business requirements.

    We are waiting to hear form you, join us and let’s start working on effective data management for your business.

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