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    From On-Premises to On-Demand: Data Centre Exit Services to Extend Your Capabilities Many businesses today face the wrath of a partially functional data center that is not able to serve you completely well.

    As an industry leader who specializes in helping businesses overcome their data center challenges, we know the challenges you might be facing owing to data centers.

    What if we tell you that a simple and seamless data center exit can solve these challenges? In this blog, we will brief you about:

    • What are the challenges with other data centers?
    • Why should you exit your data center?
    • Why should you choose Oracle?
    • What options do you have for a data center exit?

    Challenges Faced With Traditional Data Centers

    Based on our conversations with CIOs from all over the world, we have identified a few common challenges faced by organizations that have to rely on local data centers.

    These challenges are:
    • Failure to meet demand fluctuations

      Evolving customers, evolving needs. But do your systems become at the same speed?With the competitive rate at which the market is growing, you can’t expect your data center to grow with you.

      On-premises systems require lots of capital investments to extend their capacity. They are designed for fixed demand fluctuations and hence operate on the same model throughout their life cycle stages.

    • Inability to drive innovation

      Are you able to tap into advanced R&D, drive the potential of untapped data, and enjoy full-proof security?

      Local data centers make it difficult for you to innovate. Innovating with a local data center would mean more challenges with making sure that the hardware does not depreciate, leases and subscription pages expire, rising utility bills, and much more.

      With such infrastructure, you lack the expertise and hardware to drive innovation.

    • Slow momentum

      Scattered, unmanaged data slows down your growth? That’s two harmful things for any business: business disruptions and delayed development.

      Your business units lack the productivity and data-driven approach that is required to achieve a faster time to market.

      On top of that, as an enterprise application, you have limited resources that need to operate at their maximum capacity for you to drive growth.

    • Difficulty in complying with regulations and fulfilling security objectives

      Does adding more security to your working infrastructure feel like a task?

      Complying with regulations across data sources can become overwhelming. Ensuring security by controlling your data not just in regulated workloads but in all sources is challenging, to say the least.

      Sprawling data can quickly become a hazard to security. How much do you have to invest in taking care of data from local hard drives and backup and disaster recovery sites to ensure security?

    • No access to complete control over your infrastructure

      Most cloud providers fail to provide you with complete access to your IT infrastructure. Migrating applications needs a lot of time in refactoring and rearchitecting, which leaves you with no other choice rather than not to migrate.

    Now Is The Right Time to Exit Your Data Center

    Astute can help you with a smooth and seamless exit from your pre-existing data centers with minimal business disruptions.

    Data Center Exit to OCI

    You can achieve the following things with a data center exit to OCI:

    • Meet demand fluctuations effortlessly.

      Scale your infrastructure up or down based on demand conveniently,

    • Drive innovation in your organization by leveraging new-age technologies as they come. Don’t let your infrastructure limit you.
    • Faster time to market.

      Cut overhead time spent on actions that don’t drive enough value. With a data center exit, you will find more time to innovate by maintaining less.

    • Comply with regulations effortlessly and achieve maximum security for your systems. Exiting to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure comes with the advantage of assured security and availability in maximum geographical regions.
    • Complete control

      By a data center exit to OCI, customers will be able to access complete control over their infrastructure.

    Achieve Faster Time To Value

    Better results at a more affordable time. Get a custom tailored service roadmap according to your unique business requirements.

    The Astute Advantage

    Astute provides you with specialized data center exit services custom-tailored to suit your business goals.

    A data center exit has a wide variety of use cases, and a cloud partner can help you identify the exact use cases for which you might need a data center exit strategy.

    To know more abot us and our data center exit strategies, feel free to contact us.

    Overcome Challenges With Your Pre-Existing Data Centers

    Astute has helped many businesses globally to overcome the woes of their traditional data centers. Let’s work on yours too!

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