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PeopleSoft Cloud Manager helps you run PeopleSoft Applications on Oracle Cloud. A free PeopleSoft application PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is hosted and run on Oracle Cloud. To utilize it, customers must have a subscription to Oracle Cloud. It's delivered through the Oracle Marketplace and has the same familiar look and feel of Fluid UI. It has changed the way applications are deployed and where they are run. This tool gives customers the ability to automate the process of the installation and deployment of PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud. PeopleSoft Cloud Manager was built upon basic functionality that already existed within the Deployment Framework.

Benefits of PeopleSoft Manager on Oracle Cloud

There are many benefits to running PeopleSoft Manager on Oracle Cloud such as:

  • Automating the provisioning of applications in the Cloud
  • Utilizing PUM Images available from the Oracle Marketplace
  • Managing applications with higher efficiency
  • Applying PeopleTools upgrades and patches with one-click

Automated Lifecycle Management with Cloud Manager

There are four main objectives within PeopleSoft Cloud Manager where customers can execute Cloud computing, life cycle management, migration to Oracle Cloud, and self-service provisioning.

  • Cloud Computing: With Cloud Computing in PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, you'll have elastic scaling based on demand. Your technology platform will always be current and patched and you''ll also have access to industry-leading, secured environments.

  • Lifecycle Management: Lifecycle Management with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager provides you with subscription to update release channels. You'll also have complete environment management and automated application patching.

  • Migration to Oracle Cloud: With PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, Lift and Shift is possible for existing environments to Oracle Cloud. This migration will backup and restore your configurations, data, and customizations to Oracle Cloud. If these processes are cloned, additional environments can be created.

  • Self-Service Provisioning: Self-service provisioning with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager will provide on-demand environments for specific cases. This template-driven provisioning enables business users access to on-demand environments as needed and provides unique topology definitions.

One-Click PeopleTools 8.58 Upgrade 

Using this new methodology of upgrading the PeopleTools eliminates the hassles involved in manually upgrading and is the easiest and fastest way to get PeopleTools upgraded to the latest version.

Below are the step-by-step guidelines for walking through a complete upgrade.

Step 1.  Initiate the upgrade

After the environment is provisioned, (as shown below) navigate to Environment Details | Upgrade PeopleTools.  On the right pane, you’ll have an option to select the PeopleTools 8.58 version that you have downloaded.  Select the PeopleTools version that you want to evaluate.

Click Upgrade to begin the upgrade process.

  • Navigate to Environment details 🡪 Upgrade PeopleTools
  • Select the PeopleTools version and click on Upgrade
1 (2)

a. Click on YES to continue with the Upgrade


Step 2.  Monitor the progress of the PeopleTools Upgrade

3Blog #1 - PeopleSoft Cloud Manager - 1 Click Upgrade-6

a. View Status from the Home Page.


b. View Status from Details Page.


c. Read the upgrade log on the LOGS Page.


d. Status Update “In Progress”. You’ll be able to see the job details and the steps running on the same page.  Click on the ‘In progress’ status link to view the upgrade job status. 


e. Check to see that the Status is now “Completed”.



The PeopleTools upgrade is now complete.  Log on to the upgraded environment PIA to evaluate the new features in PeopleTools 8.58.


Minimum Requirements for PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

The minimum requirements are:

  • Apps version 9.2

  • PeopleTools version 8.55.12.

  • For provisioning COBOL and Elasticsearch the minimum tools version is 8.55.13

  • Shape of Cloud Manager is oc1m

  • File server capacity is 250 GB


In a nutshell, the benefits of using the Cloud Manager enables the following time and cost saving options:

  • Provision PeopleSoft environments on Oracle Compute Cloud and Oracle Database Cloud Services

  • Orchestrated deployment of PeopleSoft 9.2 Applications on Oracle Cloud

  • Subscription model to auto download application PIs and PRPs

  • Automated migration of on-premise environment to Oracle Cloud

  • Create repeatable deployment templates

  • Self service provisioning of PeopleSoft environments

  • Fully automated deployment which is immune to manual errors and process delays

  • Manage multiple environments from a single page

  • Perform on-demand health checks on environments

  • Enable application life-cycle management in Oracle Cloud

  • Clone environments by creating templates from running instances

  • Access to log files through UI for easy troubleshooting

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Jyoti Shah

Jyoti Shah

Jyoti Shah is a senior OCI Architect and PeopleSoft Architect/DBA at Astute Business Solutions. She has experience managing large PeopleSoft environments and performing Peoplesoft upgrades.