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The financial landscape is changing quickly before our eyes. Cloud infrastructure and new fintech platforms are providing an opportunity for new entrants to take over the financial services market share with digital-only banking capabilities. Incumbent financial service providers need to implement a digital architecture that provides them with the ability to match digital banking services.

Cloud Infrastructure allows Financial Service Institutions (FSI) to integrate their enterprise tech stack and strategically position them for more efficient operations. This digital infrastructure allows companies to focus their resources and attention on the rapidly-changing FSI landscape. From retail to commercial banking, from customers to internal staff and business partners, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure improves outcomes for all FSI industry stakeholders.


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Enhanced business user productivity

You can quickly see the performance of your organization up-to-the-minute data to help you answer your key business questions, prioritize, and provide useful input into strategic decisions from any device.

Revenue Improvement

Create contracts and performance obligations and recognize revenue based on performance at a point in time or over time. Automatically allocate revenue, accrue assets and liabilities across performance obligations.

Augmented Data Insight for Strategic Decision Makers

Gain greater insights into all dimensions within your business with real-time information. Visualize metrics or KPIs and get to view them from different perspectives. Monitor and report anomalies with full self-service reporting capabilities. Collaborate with decision makers within the platform. It enables better insight into the general ledger, allows other functional units to understand product or customer profitability, provides visibility into performance against budget, and highlights how staffing costs and employee or supplier performance correlate with increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Ubiquitous and Secure Availability of Data

You can ensure access to the data in a secure manner across channels such as mobile phones, tablet, and laptops. What’s more, Oracle Financials Cloud seamlessly integrates with existing applications by using the Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF Services), ADF Desktop Integration, File-Based Data Import, and reporting tools. The tool can also build workflows for seamless approval management and faster processing of payments.


Reducing infrastructure costs

Maintaining a physical, centralized server network is becoming an operational and financial hindrance for many FSIs. Reducing the cost of infrastructure with cloud-based services is optimal for banks and other financial institutions to focus their resources on adapting to change and winning new consumer segments.
Meeting Consumer Needs

Consumers are growing more and more comfortable with the prospect of cloud-based digital banking, mainly the convenience. Many are even willing to switch providers because of this. There’s just one barrier: security. Oracle provides FSIs with the underlying structure to offer convenient digital banking while still ensuring that consumer data is in secure hands.

Securing, Optimizing, and Leveraging Data

Data handling, storage, and analysis are becoming standard practice across all industries, but it’s particularly important in the world of finance. Each customer generates reams of relevant data, and trying to account for it manually is next to impossible. Oracle Cloud infrastructure enables FSIs to automate many aspects of data management, including warehousing, integration, and analytics.


Financial Industry Cloud Success Stories


Chaucer Plc

Chaucer IT, with its limited staff, was able to rely on Astute's Autonomous PeopleSoft Managed Service to operate, maintain and support PeopleSoft applications and the underlying cloud infrastructure. They were able to extend the managed service to meet the needs of their business while still controlling spend and outcome.


Global Atlantic Financial Group

Global Atlantic plans to leverage Astute's Autonomous PeopleSoft Managed Service to operate, maintain and support PeopleSoft applications and the underlying cloud infrastructure. They are able to extend the managed service to meet the needs of their business while still controlling spending and outcome.

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