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  • Global Atlantic Financial Group Migrates PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    A leading US retirement and life insurance company, with a broad range of competitive and innovative products

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    Unfinished business

    Global Atlantic had started its PeopleSoft to Cloud migration journey a while back but those efforts had stalled due to various business challenges. With the second attempt, the priorities were: 

    • Right-sized architecture 

    • Improved, robust security architecture

    • Accelerated migration plan

    • Managed Service for care and feed of PeopleSoft on Cloud


    Move from partial to full Cloud deployment with SOC2 Compliance

    Global Atlantic needed to refresh its cloud architecture to take advantage of the latest security and performance features available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Automation was lacking and monitoring and compliance solutions were yet to be deployed.  Global Atlantic asked Astute Business Solutions to assess and evaluate its current state Cloud deployment and built a solution that met future-state needs. 

    • Re-implement Cloud Foundation with secure, high-performant architectures

    • Re-deploy current Dev/Test PeopleSoft workloads on new architecture

    • Dove-tail Cloud migration with on-premise PUM Update and Tools Upgrade projects
    • Migrate Production and remaining non-Production workloads to OCI


    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Astute chose to renew and expand Global Atlantic's Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy by converting it to a Cloud Managed Service Provider engagement and providing full-service implementation and support for PeopleSoft on OCI.  

    • OCI PaaS - Oracle Database Cloud Service, BYOL and License Included

    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure US-East Ashburn Region with GDPR

    • OCI IaaS - Network, Compute, Storage, Web Application Firewall, Load Balancer

    • OCI Security - Cloud Advisor, Cloud Guard, Secure Zone



    Accelerated Lift and Shift, Integration, Testing, Tuning

    Astute delivered a 4-month PeopleSoft Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud service that met  Global Atlantic's business needs while allowing them time to complete the on-premise PUM and Tools Upgrade that they had already started. Astute redesigned the OCI architecture to start with a secure cloud foundation. Astute tuned the cloud service parameters to optimize performance. 

    • Redeployment of PeopleSoft on OCI with enhanced security architecture

    • Accelerated Lift and Shift of PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud

    • Seamless Transition from on-premise support to PeopleSoft Managed Service

    • Astute implemented a GDPR and SOC2 compliant solution


    Improved SLA

    With PeopleSoft fully migrated to OCI, Global Atlantic now has a highly available, fault tolerant, and redundant architecture, that is secure, and compliant, and able to meet stringent SLA standards set forth in the managed service agreement.  

    • Met deployment timelines

    • Enhanced security for business integrations
    • Implemented Disaster Recovery

    • Implemented cloud monitoring


    Responsive Managed Service, Automation, Improved Performance

    Global Atlantic plans to leverage Astute's Autonomous PeopleSoft Managed Service to operate, maintain and support PeopleSoft applications and the underlying cloud infrastructure. They are able to extend the managed service to meet the needs of their business while still controlling spend and outcome. 

    • Reliable, SLA-based application and infrastructure support

    • Managed Service with deep relationships in the Oracle ecosystem

    • Access to new PeopleSoft features via demos and prototypes


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    Setting the stage for future successes,

    with an Oracle Cloud Foundation


    Lower Cost


    Better Performance


    Cloud Monitoring


    GDPR Compliant


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